Saturday, May 24, 2008

A preparation of next format

As everyone can see, dark arm dragon is ruling the format. So is gladiator beasts, lightlord bla bla. Im not sure if DAD will still rule if it was added to the limited list. Obviusly 1 of this evil monster cannot function

Today we will talk about cards that help the DAD DECK if it is limited next format. I will talk only about the important cards.

Phantom of chaos.
4. fiend. dark.
atk 0
def 0
effect: Choose and remove an effect monster from your Graveyard and from the Game. When this card is face-up on the field, this card is treated as the same name of the removed monster gaining the same attack strength. This effect can only be activated once per turn. Battle damage dealt to your opponent as a result of battle becomes 0.

Killer effect eh? Though it deals no damage, it can copy Dark arm dragon and deal a lot of destruction

Here's a card that most people overlooked. If u r playing a deck focused on dark arm's destruction effect , this is a must. If u r looking for ways to stop ur opponent's return from the different dimension this is the card. If u r looking for more dark monsters in grave to fuel cards such as beginning of the end, dark nephythys this is the card u r looking for. If u r looking for ways to get Necro gardnar back int0 play, u must consider this card

atk ?
def 0
This card's attack is the number of removed from play DARK monsters x300. When this card is destroyed and send to the graveyard, all dark monsters removed form play are brought back to the graveyard.

Don forget most of the time u could sack it with virus. U could also do this:
Dark armd dragon remove 2 dark monsters n do his job. pimm pamm
Then the last dark monster in grave is removed to destroy doomsday horror. Then the 3 removed from play monsters r brought back. Then u end up with 4 dark monster in grave( 3 dark + doomsday horror). SWEET right?

Burial form the different dimension.
return up to 3 monster removed form play back to the graveyard.
I would have to say that this card is great to stop return. In the new dark arm deck it will be the swiss army knife. It can stop rftdd from doing its job. It basically does the job like doomsday horror. It can be chained to return ur necro gardnar back to grave to protect ur lp
It can also return dark arm dragon removed from play to copy for phantom of chaos again,
Escape from the dark dimension.
Imagine if return was limited n dimension fusion was banned,
this card will be the card to own. Oh ya here is his effect:
Select one dark monster outplayed and return it back to field. When the monster is destroyed, destroy this card. If this card leaves the field, destroy the monster n outplay it.
Well for one thing i would have to comment is that ths card cant bring back dd survivor. Note its text: When this card leaves the field, DESTROY then remove from play that monster. Dd surviror basically needs to be removed from play straight from the field. This card basically destoryed n rfp the monster. So it reach the grave first then is rfped. Same concept as bottomless trap hole
So here is a deck to abuse the dark return element if DAD is limited , return is limtied and dimension fusion is banned, NOT SURE IF IT WILL WORK AS ITS JUST AN OPINION ( keep tat in mind critics( asskicker cough cough) )

1 dark magician of chaos
1 Dark arm dragon
3 necro gardnar
1 phantom of chaos
1 mask of darkness
1 sangan
3 dark nephythys
1 cybervalley
2 knight of the end
2 doomsday horror
1 ehero stratos
1 dhero diskguy
1 snipe hunter
1 gorz
1 jinzo
1 spirit reaper
2 hand severing( hand destruction)
2 reinforcements of the army
1 heavy storm
1 lightning vortex
2 the beginning of the end
1 burial form the different dimesnion
1 ddr
1 monster reborn
1 premature burial
1 golden sarcophagus
1 monster reincarnation
1 torrential tribute
1 crush card virus
1 mirror force
1 rtfdd
1 escape from the dark dimension

Remember thois is just a basic skeleton of what a neew format dark return deck might look like, Definitely not as fast as the past but quite okay. I dint include destiny draw because this deck has only one dhero and that is diskguy. Since hand severing can help discard cards for beginning of the end, help to discard necro gardnar. This deck will no doubt have enough cards to disrupt opponent strategy( dark nephythys, necro garnder, snipe hunter, lightning vortex, crush card virus) I am not sure what cards ought to be taken out for cards such as solemn judgement, phoenix wing wind blast n stuff . Mask of darkness is in here because he can recycle rftdd , crush card virus and other cards. Monster reincarnation serves as a way to get dark arm fast as u can discard him with knight of the end.
Till next time: play the yugioh game whole heartedly, dont give up n have fun!
Next time: Shonen jump st louis.

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