Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mind crushed part 1

Lately alot of ideas have been coming into my mind, so im gonna cramp some of them into this post, Also, im gonna give some deck building tips because DL on the chatbox suggested for,
okay on with the post.

Okay, in the game of yugioh i've been observing something. Alot of times, when we suspect something or wat ur opponent is gonna play, it happens. Well, myfather used to tell me smthg when i was young, he said tat many things happen due to the power of the mind. No idea but its true , well kinda. C, when ever a teacher asked a question n i dint noe the answer i was like omg, don ask me pls pls pls >< but in the end she asked me so =.= i was punished for nt listening in class. bla bla. Next on lets get on to yugioh real life experiences:
The most most most most obvious experiences are of course:
1) suspecting ur opponent have torrential tribute, mirror force, watever n u decide to summon a monster n take the plunge. I m sure some of us have come into situations whre we kinda well want to finish the game quick. like misawa from the yugioh gx manga, he decided to attack manjyome but got blasteed by an adverse effects of holy water card.
c? We just think: okay okay i've gotten so far already so i might as well just get on with it. Okay here goes...."
Then we get blasted by mirror force / torrential tribute. In other words, we fell for the bait n got crushed.
A friend of mine's personal message on msn was " the first n most outmmost victory is to conquer urself but to be conquered by urself is the greatest shame" (i think it sounded smthg like tat :D ) Well basically there r many useful articles i have read while being bored n surfing the web n many of them taught me abt dueling n applying real life concept to dueling. U c , dueling is like a fight making use of the stuff around us n using it to ur opponent's disadvantage, example to quote a simple one: brain control opponent card or monster reborn it so we can use his monsters against him. Its a simple concept tat we can apply.
Okay mind crushing is one of the most simple to achieve "skills" of yugioh n very easy to manipulate n use it to ur advantage. No ! im nt talking abt mind crush card im talking abt mind crush itself!
U c, many times in life we can achive mind crush
1) when friends try to hide secret from u, u can noe wat it is by observing him/her
2) when ur girlfriend 2 timing u ,u will noe,
3) expressions on ppl face
4) when ppl hate u but u noe due to the way he is acting or if they dont talk to u as much anymmore cuz they go to other ppl.
5) When u talk to ur parents sweetly to ask for more money, they will ask u first: " okay...wat do u wan"'

c..? there r so many situations tat use mind crush ! i can think of a 100 more, so can all of u!!!

Now we must apply this concept n learn to hone it. anyone can do it, its simple.
Lets start with a simple situation, when opponent get a good card, his face will brighten up, n we will noe if we r disadvantageous or not. Some ppl have this thing called the poker face where their face will be blank all the time. This is hard to come across but i have seen some players like this. Sometimes if we get a bad card , we would say oh shit! or smthg else.

NOW NOW, i noe wat u guys r thinking, michael stop telling us this. we know liau. " But im sure not all of u have the time to think abt this in dueling. Most of u will probably forget this after reading. There fore, i ask of all of u to make an effort to keep this in mind always, ALWAYS. before u duel, make sure u think of this: " is there anything important that i can remember to help me in dueling?" then get on with it...
okay..on with the post:
Since we can judge ppl by the face, there r some ppl who can be lying to u or smthg. For example tat person is trying to trick u. How can we tell the difference? How?
Well, we have to knoe tat person a bit. If we r pllaying in our area, then we must be aware if tat person is the type to lie, starightforward type n so on... If that person is cunning type, we must not go on this n predict his expression. These ppl r the type of ppl tat bother n trouble us in this skill.
There r ways to counter these type of ppl
1) use hand revealing cards" crush card virus, trap dustshoot"
2) know wat tat person is playing. Tat person is an aggro duelist, control ? what deck he plays ? calculate his chances of getting a good card in his deck. there r many ways.... these r all important factors to keep in mind n can help in this.

Remember most ppl wont consider abt this. They just play n then play without realizing these concpetuals.. Remember, this isnt a must n those ppl arent wrong.
Note: apply this in tournanment onli !! No need to apply this in normal playing unlesss ur testdecking for a tourney. Anyway, there r many times to apply this. Know it, find it out urself. Its better no need to let ppl noe abt this or they will noe how to avoid ur trick n it becomes worhtless. Next post i will talk abt the deck building tips n how to apply the mind crush concept to this deck building tips.

This post aint the best there is n i swear i dint copy this from any website or post or! it just came out of my mind ! okay. time to sign of.
till next time, play fair, play hard, don give up n do n forget to apply the mind crush skill !!!

Next time: part 2.

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