Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mind crushed 3: some deck building tips n summary

Im not gonna put the picture of mind crush in this post again as im sure evryone of u have seen it n probably sick to c it again.

Well, i've basically listed most of the deck building tips in part 3. Its MY OPINION n i would like to stresss on these points. the summary is here too.

1) dont include a searcher with only 1, 2 or 3 targets. Okay 3 is reasonable but 1 and 2 is definitley out of the question. Eg: dont put 1 destiny draw in the deck if u have only 2 or 3 targets. if u so desperate to put at least put 2 or 3 la.

2) (unless ur deck isnt based on drawing) include sufficient draw cards in ur deck. Dhero disk commander is a good example so are destiny draw, hand severing, trade in bla bla. If u play a theme with its own draw cards( eg: destiny draw, solar recharge, bla bla..) wad r u waiting 4? play it right away...

3) include cards that help u ( dont put them in just cause u c it big on or somewhere n u think: wow wat a good card i hav to play it !) no. dont. example: in a infinite draw deck: include stall cards . example 2: don include cards like card trooper if every card in ur deck is important so if u happen to topdeck it away u will cry

4) Number of cards in deck : i think evrry1 know this the number should be 40 or 41 . no more no less. the less cards the better chance u got of drawing cards u need,

5) excessive testdecking: Always testdeck.... This is a must so u can undestand ur deck better. For example u must testdeck ur deck at least 30 to 40 times to get to know it better. I know ppl say u must testdeck 60 games or more but i think thats too much. Infact if ur deck has a straightforward strategy ( eg: those FTK decks) all the better !

6) cardiness . ( no this aint a real word . derived from the word "wordiness" Means excessive words. eg: u r such a awesome, consevative, creative, smart player...." where as we can just say " u r such s great player" cardiness means useless cards in deck that waste space n should be taken out for needed ones) Okay cardiness: Don put useless cards in the deck. Don waste space. Avoid putting situational cards in decks.

7) last but not least u must MUST have a good sidedeck. No deck can do well against every deck. can aggro beat a stall deck if it just special summons n attack? No. one stall card boom. When u sidedeck, think of the decks that worry u. remember only include cards in side deck that help against other decks. if it kills 50% of ur deck forget it. Eg: Don sidedeck in to shadow sealing mirrror if half of ur monster cards r dark. Even though u kill opponent deck chances r that u will be hurt urself as well. It doesnt hurt if u sidedeck in to light sealing mirror if only play one or two light monster in ur deck. Just make sure those light monsters arent ur main strategy thats all. Sidedecks are arguable the most important thing in deckbuilding. Remember u don need a sidedeck in casual play but make sure u have one in tournament. Dont forget as welll. Remember the metagame in ur area. If six warlords r popular sidedeck ur kinetic soldiers. Dont sidedeck cards that r meaningless. Eg: don sidedeck light sealing mirror if no one plays a light deck

8) The element of surprise: Its good to have the element of surprise in ur decks. For example paul levitin , n steven harris all played crush card virus in their decks even though there are only 2 or 3 dark monsters in their deck ! Yes this is considered as wasting space as i said before don put card with only 2 or 3 target. But if it a must to take everything down, u find it good, efficient and easy to activate, GO FOR IT .

9) Jerry Wang's concept : jerry wang's deck concept from SJ nashville really appeals to me. Since i saw how his deck worked n ran according to matt peddle, i have been trying to tune my decks in to following the same concept:

a) disrupt opponent strategem
b) the element of surprise
c) making sure ur opponent has no options left
d) taking out ur opponent with the simplest effort

i would say the best would be concept D. This is really a great thing. Its is what players i the States call the concept of superiority. It doesnt fear opponent and doesnt try to cope with ur opponent, rather it makes ur opponent being unable to cope with ur monsters. Singpaoreans are good at this. Malaysians have still a long way to go to learn this. ( this is frm my personal observation. Sry malaysian players out there, its the truth- no i M NOT BIASED i m MALAYSIAN too) Y do i say singaporeans r good at this? Look at baha's deck or colin deck from the other 2 blogs. hell i have no idea whether their decks r still the same ( colindeck now at MK 4 coming to MK 5 soon who knows how many times he changed his neos deck every month) Baha's deck ( sry i dont noe his real name) focuses on swarm with synchros. This makes opponent unable to handle if unaware. Mirror force ? torrential? no fear stardust is here. Then field control: brionac . what abt defense cards scapegoat bla bla ? red dragon archfiend is there as an answer. Attributes botherring u? Meet AOJ catatsor. Colin's deck is abt field control too. It plays wrath of neos ( man konami so unoriginal. follow MTG's wrath of god...) I probably not allowed to disclose his deck idea now ( im not actually sure if its still the same! ) but it makes opponent unable to deal with his monsters too. Most of you should follow this concepts in ur deck ( be it random, theme deck, or metagame deck) don follow this concept if u're playing some sort of infinite strategy FTK.. thats pure inovation.

Most of u probably know all this already. But always keep this in mind in deckbuilding.
Till next time, play hard play fair and don forget to apply this concept to ur deck. It helps . =)

Next time: i will dissect a deck from SJ st louis n tell y its doin so well.

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