Monday, November 26, 2012

Deck Profiles for Top Store 2012

Was lazy to type everything on the blog so decided to just do a video.

Heres the deck profile:

PS: i dont look that thin the video on youtube minimized it and shrink me. and my voice doesnt sound like that irl recording on iphone sux.

This is 3rd place WU.

Its a good build. Notice TCG, South East Asia and Japan all have different WU builds.

On a side note, if i had any changes to my deck or card choices yesterday i can say i had 1 biggest regret. Ishould have just played WU and not hero beat. The deck too good. I have so many good WU players to tutor me so why not ?

i may continue to play yugioh TCG and if i do, i'll straight convert to WU.

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