Wednesday, November 14, 2012

why its time to stop blogging soon.

The reason is obvious: the reader counts are getting lesser and lesser, due to a huge shift of players towards Yugitubing and TCG sites such as ARG.

A huge count most blogger's views come from TCG players and since they have shifted towards ARG theres ntg i can do. I admit reading ARG and some yugitubers stuff are much more amusing and less stale.

Also, the decklists for malaysia's no1 team will not be released due to privacy issues. However it will definitely be released after the top store main event.

Some bloggers do not post very in depth stuff anymore, like me, i admit, since i entered competitive play. Why would you share a huge fraction of your knowledge which could give you the advantage (like certain rulings, tech, builds, playing styles etc) when your reader could very well be your next opponent in a tournament? :(

I know the reason sounds selfish but then what can i do ? To remain competitive, you must do such things. Its just natural.

It can be different in TCG like america and europe where the odds are much lesser, but in a small country like Malaysia? Furthermore its not like in singapore where everyone knows their rulings already.

I will still continue the blog until the end of the year. I will be quitting Yugioh OCG but whether i will be quitting Yugioh altogether may be a different story.


Zack said...

Go mike !! Play TCG do us proud :D LOL

Zack said...

Go mike !! Play TCG do us proud :D LOL

Zack said...

Go Mike !! Play TCG ! Make us proud :D

Ergo said...

I still enjoy blogging about this game. I don't know, maybe because I mainly want an outlet for my thoughts. And I still believe there are people following blogs, after all,I followed them because You Tube didn't offer what I wanted. Sites like ARG are not offering much quality either, imo.

mike said...

@zack- yes mike tops ycs Australia hahaha

GQ said...

Theres a million different reasons you can come up with when you need an excuse, but you'll only ever need 1 to keep on moving.

I'm playing competitive all along and I've always update people with facts and stuff. Maybe its just me, but I believe in the quote "understanding and application are 2 different things"

Rauzes said...

Yeah thats right, be a fluke and pussy out.