Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photon Trasher

so from an intensive day of testing on dnet yesterday, i've come to realise many new things about the format.

Trasher is one of the best balanced and well designed card released in a very very long while.

From testing, i found Trasher to be extremely good, in the sense that it has become a mini Card Trooper.

The reason behind this is that it forces out removal from opponents and clears the way for other cards. If not, it will help to beat down opponent, and that is considered an asset as Yugioh now has transformed into a very aggro format, at least over here in the OCG.

Trasher is well designed and helps you to put down xyz easily to combo. I've come to prefer multiple Trashers over Bubbleman in Hero Beat.

Taking 2100 damage in the face is not a big deal, as the the importance of life points is catching up with card advantage, one of the difference about the current game. But that'll be an article for some other time.

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