Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Yugioh is about now

Now that there are many sort of broken cards in the game and the entire game can tip in any favour due to topdecking strong cards like Damsel or Monster Reborn, the game is much more complex than last time. Although most people will be like "yugioh is lucksack".

I think many people are having the wrong mindset of the game and they think Yugioh is all just about playing your cards and then drawing the right cards to back it up etc. But thats not the case.

Yugioh is actually quite skilled based now if you think about it. Just not like how it was previously, but in a different way.

If everyone else playing top tier 1 decks have strong cards, then doesnt that make you equal?

I feel that Yugioh now comes down to a few things:

1) Choosing the right tech cards/ deck choice.

2) Planning far ahead and expecting how your opponent is going to play his cards and how you set up the field.

When you give 2 people a hand of 5 cards you will notice they play them extremely differently. That is because people think differently and choose to setup the field differently. If you ever saw Billy Brake play Plants you will be surprised because he makes many moves that differ from the norm. I saw a guy comment on one of Brakes videos that none of those moves were what he would have made and that alarmed him.

Even if you have bad stuff in hand, you dont necessarily lose. There is still mind games and all that. For example you can summon Mystic Shine Ball and smile confidently at your opponent. The first thing that comes to mind is Honest and opponent will surely Warning or some shit.

The same goes if you draw trash hand for Inzektor you can just summon Centipede/ Hornet with an empty field and your opponent will surely take preemptive measures to Warning it. Well, at least that is how I observe most games.

One small move goes a long way. If you have a clear idea what the game is about then it can be said that you know what to do to become a better player.

Wall of text end.


Anonymous said...

Some things you posted I agree with is right choices for deck/techs etc. because that is what this game came down too pretty much. Just hope the deck you have is the right choice and pray that you draw the nuts. I also agree with the different plays since most players play differently.

However, your examples for "skilled play" are really weird. Summoning a Shine Ball is actually a bad move vs. a good move since it is easier to bluff a Ryko with a Shine Ball than a Honest. It depends on the game state, but still. That, and if I think you have Honest, I would send a Sangan to go eat it. Also, a Centipede with Hornet isn't bad at all.

Finally, Yugioh does requires skill to play, but not that much anymore. I mean, just making the right deck choice and opening the nuts is all you need. So Yugioh isn't really skill based at all.

Sorry for my wall of text lol.

mike said...

@ kamitsure- skilled play varies for different players cos its everyone has different opinions.

overhere, bluffing ryko isnt really a bluff cos people around will just ram it over and get over it. its just an example.

opening the nuts in OCG doesnt mean you'll win, but it puts you in a better position. for example if you open with centipede, damsel, hornet which is considered pretty good (not talking about damsel, storm, mantis, hornet), its still not confirmed that you can play against your opponent in a mirror match if he gets a trash hand of all traps. then again, most of my posts are suited for the OCG

no prob for your wall of text :)