Monday, October 10, 2011

GoGoGo Giant

Just finally saw Shriek after a really really long time :D

GoGoGo Giant:

Level 4/ attack: 2000/ defence: 0 / attribute: earth

effect: when this card is normal summoned, special summon 1 gogogo monster frm your graveyard. then change this card to defence position, and if this monster attacks, it is turned to defence position afterwards.

Thank god this card is changed to defence after effect resolves, or else you could summon gogogo, revive gogogo number 2, whack 2 opponent monsters and then exceed.

Anyhow, this card is a very good instant rank 4 exceed and it has potential.

Could be the new Debris Dragon kind of card. As the protagonist, Yuma is bound to receive more support in many ways.

You can also randomly revive glow up to make naturia beast.

Inzecter Beetle is also interesting as it is a pseudo Scrap Dragon, although Scrap Dragon is much better.

However, being level 6, it can be nifty for X sabers because Hyunlei is a floater and you can use your Faultroll for exceeding it, and you can actually generate profit if you send Darksoul or Gottoms E Call to grave, depending on how well you play it.

Anyhow, dropping it on the field already guarantees that it has a very big attack due to its effect.

PS: Managed to get Seans decklist for Chaos BF. Will ask him again if he allows me to post it. He won the recent Zexal Ranking tourneys again, (1st on Sunday, 2nd on Saturday), seriously he is like the new Wong Fei Hung.


breakerwarrior said...

The gogogo U special in defense mode too, so not atk abuse, but dont forget 2 gogogo + bulb = More Love Trishula , ;) ....

LGQ said...

I watched his plays last weekend, and comparing to when we dueled in semifinals in a tourney a few months back, his plays are much more precise now, and I see no misplays.

Thunder King is too good in his deck, locking down his opponents so his BF could take the smaller ones down and summon bigger monsters.

BF just never dies :)

mike said...

@ breaker- yeah trish forgot that :D nice stuff there.

yeah its good cant wait to play you guys end of the year,