Saturday, October 1, 2011

QD Doppel 2.0

2 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
1 Dark Armed Dragon

2 QD synchron
2 Junk synchron
1 spore
1 glow up bulb
2 effect veiler
1 level eater
2 card trooper
2 ryko
1 mystic tomato
1 sangan
1 dandylion
2 doppel warrior

3 tuning
2 mst
1 foolish burial
1 heavy storm
1 one for one
1 rota
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole
1 pot of avarice

2 call of haunted
1 torrential tribute
2 bottomless trap hole


I only run 5 boss monsters because of consistency and lack of space. QD version takes up more space. Still choosing between DAD or a Sorcerer.

Really wanna fit in another Junk Synchron, the deck will be perfect that way. 3 Tunings now to search 4 monsters sounds impractical but works better than you think because Drill Warrior can discard any useless stuff.

Really wanna cut down the deck to 1 Veiler because its quite useless in the OCG

BTH eliminates the luck factor in YGO and i even chose to run it over Dustshoot.

No scapegoat because lack of space. No mind control or enemy controller because they were just okay, and i didnt find them spectacular. they were just there most of the time and i didnt really need them.

i think 2 Trags are really compulsory in every Plant build because it makes the deck more consistent especially when you have a bad hand, and dropping a 3k attack Trag solves everything. The Snatch Steal effect doesnt work that much in here because most of my monsters are weenies but then the level modulation thing is so good and gives so much versatility to the deck.

Kinda satisfied with this build now. It may not hav the 3rd Junk or the Scapegoat or Mind Control but it works pretty well and consistently for a Plant build, the only problem i have is drawing QDs without any other monsters and a whole load of spells and traps. May cut out the engine and just play pure Doppel xD

Thats all for today thanks for reading.

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