Friday, January 15, 2010

Okay I just went to dinner and got some lucky draw thing and guess who won grand prize of guitar + lessons for 2 yrs. Time to go musical XD

Black feather dragon sucks. If they want to sell this card, you know what they should do??? They should unban Dark Dive Bomber and then this card will actually gain popularity. But then its still stupid if you think of it. Tribute monster to burn and -700 attack. DDB attacks through it and kills it. Too bad. Now where were we? Oh yes it still sucks..

The main reason to get the box is Breeze the Gentle Wind. Its sexy. It opens so many combos in BF deck. You can use that "Against The Wind" or the one that require you to throw BF to grave to add it to hand. Cool. If you want to be ready for the next meta, go collect Infernity liaw....Don't expect an unNerfed Black feather treasure.

Next up, gratz to Claudio and Rodrigo for topping the recent SJ LA. It was a disappointment for me as the top 2 decks are Lightsworn. Sigh.

Gold Barbaros is confirmed! I think if its not a normal rare, i will have 10 =.= Now have 5 liaw. Cant wait for it though, after CNY i'll slow down on YuGiOh. Finally Drain decks are playable in tournament~ dark drain!

To sazabi: I dont think toothless GB is gonna work that well, its probably slow although more consistent. No variety and combo to the deck. But then if you're a serious control player, toothless GB is for you. If i were you, I would play the test tiger version =) Try Gladiator Heroes? Cool eh. Pojo got. If im not mistaken, neux got link somewhere,

This format is officially considered the most boring format of all! Asides from monarchs! LL and Bf is sien. D.D Eatos no comment. Therefore I shall predict that next format become better! In case you didn't notice, the format got boring when the cards become more kiddish and cuter.

I know banlist is still far but then its time to make predictions!
1) Infernity synchro
2) X Sabers synchro. Hyunlei is equivalent to Harpie's Feather Sweep. If no skill drain, dd eatos die liaw.
3) Dimension Eatos (No comment with Parallel World Fusion and that Dual Lancer guy)
4) Gladial Beasts
5) Black Feathers

I wonder why there is less Junk Collector decks. Maybe its not that fun. But i see quite fun le..
Neuxcharge is too funny. Stop that neux~Toot him.

Will update soon when new cards come out and can see the potential of the decks!! Can someone tell me the beauty of Sin Red Eyes? Its not awesome.

Nothing much to blog nowadays le...


Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

Hey ;)
Your picks for next format are quite interessting o.o
You got ICQ or something? xD

mike said...

Nope =)

Look at the new Infernity cards from shining Darkness. All are fake rescue cats!

Xsaber with the new emmersblade is also too good. Us OCG players will be playin it too =)They can do the hand destruction loop too fast now.

I totally forgot to include Twilight. Even with Charge limited and JD limited, its still playable though slower but that means duelists can tech and innovate more.

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

Okay, saw those cards, but I didn't remember there was Handless Fake xD
I think it's that card that possibly makes the deck good xD