Monday, January 25, 2010

Sin Stardust is not that useless!

Woah Dark Synchro (negative) isit??

Okay the new movie has come out and I'm not interested at all in watching 1 45 minute show. Besides, Kuching don't even show in cinemas.

Anyways, today I will look at Sin Stardust Dragon from the movie. Its effect isn't bad and it can actually be used in a Dimensional Eatos deck!
1) It won't be destroyed if you have Skill Drain up.
2) It is dark so people won't play the spell speed 4 card known as Super Fusion on you!
3) Beatstick with 2500 attack is equivalent to summoning Guardian Eatos.

In fact I would classify both cards as equal. Eatos dies if you have monster in the graveyard but that can be solved with Soul Release (or more popular now: Miracla Fusion). That puts a restriction on her but its one that can be lifted off quite easily.

Now we see Sin Stardust. He will only survive if Forbidden Chalice (for 1 turn) or Skill Drain or Divine Fowl King Alector is up (but who uses him anyways). Once you play Skill Drain, you can use Sin Stardust easily. Note that their defence is also equal!

Removing Stardust itself from the extra deck is quite easy and for Parallel Fusion users, its actually useful because you can get out Great Tornado extra fast.
Eatos herself is wind and can be used for Great Tornado easier. Sin Stardust just rots away. Thats the only thing that makes Eatos slightly better than Sin Stardust.

If you ever lack of Eatos because you don't want to buy the whole damn LE just to get one Eatos, give Sin Stardust a try! Its easier to obtain, its much cheaper and if you ever need to find a beatstick in DD Eatos because you think your monster count is too low, just find Sin Stardust. =
Sin Stardust is a poor man's Eatos.

IMO, Baha is trying to brainwash people here that Airman/ Stratos is not broken and should not be unrestricted! =D Nice try =P
This guy's blog sounds so much like Rauzes. Same age again! Japanese again! Could it be??!! Rauzes is back with a hidden identity!
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Rauzes said...

Please. Why does everyone think Im G-Ray?

In my team ALONE there are 5 Top class fluent in english half/full japanese yugioh players that are 17. the rest are 18 or 19.

Ken said...

lol , i agree with that , rauzes sama don follow my blog , but surprisingly G-ray followed so i think they are diff ppl , lol