Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Rant on SJC LA

First of all, let me say "good luck" to Claudio, Rodrigo and the European Elites who are going there. Surely you guys can kick some ass =)

What's the deal with Super Nimble Mega Hamster??? If you don't kniow what it is, go to the event coverage and see it. Its gonna be released soon in TCG ABPF. WTF is wrong with the name. Konami become super childish i think. SUPER MEGA???? and HAMSTER somemore???? So lame.

Got one guy called Michael SmithGrant I think. He running D.D eatos. Wah without Starlight Road sorry to say for him la no hope...=( He adapted my tech of Rai-Oh and DCK in it and doesn't run the Gemini Variant. I'm quite sure this variant will do better in the TCG =) He teched cards like Cyber Valley and Upstart Goblin. What????? Running Upstart is stupid in my opinion. Your deck should be balanced enough and we all know DD Eatos has limited space la. Somemore draw 1 card nia. Does he think the idea of 37 cards in a deck is so cool =.=

Cyber Valley is okay lah. He can remove it so its not affected by Skill Drain. Not bad actually. Quite good idea. can stall somemore and it goes outplayed. Free stuff with D.D Survivor. I'll keep that in mind =) I don't like that he runs 3 Fissures and 3 Macro. Dead hands much.

Enemy Controller is good stuff in TCG. If you're playing TCG you should run it. Got 2 effects to choose. You can block and OTK/ Monster attack or you can kill it later. Can also set and psyche your opponent while pretending to be something else. Chainable is good. It may become the new Book Of Moon.


Neuxcharge said...

Overall, I Thought it was a pretty Nice SJC to start 2010 =D Alot of participants if the info was correct.

mike said...

LOl is was very awesome :)

but then.....why SEA here no such thing one =(

Neuxcharge said...

hmmm, I dunno if Southeast Asia is officially having any big big Events for everyone from any SEA Country to join but I do know that Konami HK is in charge for SEA Events like Asia , =D

mike said...

obviously they wont lol. oh well. maybe i shld slow down on ygo...or maybe...(bear with the horror!: quit!!)