Tuesday, December 31, 2013

TCG new format

So, in 3 hours (Malaysia singapore time), the new format will be in effect.

After testing these few days, it became adamant that alot of decks would be very very good this format. There will definitely be more than 1 dominant deck at the start of the format, but as it progresses on, i can see more imbal stuff from Konami (such as inzektor, prophecy, dragon ruler) which will ruin our Nationals/ WCQ again. The deck that seems to give the most cancer would probably be Madolche, or Machines (MPB OLion is good ! unless we dont get the fortress stealth xyz :( )

However, everybody has been relooking and retesting decks of old , such as mermail, FF, Hapries which were rendered useless due to dragons last format.

With dragons gone ( for good, almost every variant tested has been a pile of garbage), its safe to say that its gone for good. Even in a blue eyes variant, the deck still has inconsistent hands which wont last a long round regional/YCS.

So, with all the talk, alot of last format's early theory will be in practice once again. Last format, i said that 3 MST is a must, and Veiler will be a necessity. Once again, until the format is defined, i think this will be the case. MST is good vs all decks, and Veiler (unlike Maxx) hits all decks, no matter what.

So, what do i think are the new top decks this format?

The first deck which came into my mnd was spellbooks. Books which were last format's near equal to dragons will definitely become big again. Although fate is limited, the deck has very explosive plays namely temperaance and world. If the deck would ever become good again, it would be a world-temperance abuse deck. Some players in DGZ have realized that and have included cards like Stoic to help improve the chances of seeing temperance. From testing, temperance and world is indeed the deck's best play and the only way spellbook can win is to resolve a world drop. Therefore, to curb books, the best way is to stop temperance/ world.

So what should we do? Fiendish chain comes into mind but after testing, it is not enough. Wisdom is easily used and even Veiler is unreliable because they can chain their own fiendish to your veiler and render it uselesss and resolve tmeperance. Wrath on the other hand, was pretty good, but its steep discard cost may not make it popular among most decks. Its safe to say that once you prevent world/temperance/life/tower (these are the probem cards), then you can win the game.

From testing, one particular deck which many have written off seems to be books worst matchup. the deck is none other than Verz, because of the deck's beatdown feature, it is naturally an enemy for books. The deck's ability to main Mistake or side it also helps quite abit. Lastly, because books have nothing but a temperance play to win, Ophion helps with that! Verz also has very consistent openings which allow me to believe, that if people put enough hard work into the deck, it can be seen at the top tables again.

Thirdly, is a deck which has retained its power plays since last format, while receiving a tiny boost in consistency (tenki). This deck is incredibly good because it has so many explosive plays that it doesnt even seem fair. The deck now reminds me much of Mermails before Tachyon came out, which made it a really really versatile. Think about it, 3 tenki= 3dragoons, 3 wolfbarg= 3 diva. Bear and Dragon and Gorilla all act like built in Atlantreans with Mermail bodies (lvl 4.less than 2000 attack), and the deck just seems so good. Tigerking is one of the most annoying xyzs around, and the deck has access to kugutsuchi, a 2500 beatstick with Maesltroke effect. If i were to play next format, FF would be my choice of deck. The mirror match would be alot like the past mermail mirror. Grinding and conserving cards so that you win the grind game. It is an explosive deck which can easily take on prophecy early game if they start slow, and destroys every other backrow deck around. The deck's worst matchup will be prophecy and nothing else for the meantime.

IMO, these will be the 3 big decks along with some stuff like Geargia Karakuri (probably just as good as the other 3), and alot of other decks like Mermail and Harpies wihich arent as good as the other 3 but will still exist to catch duelists off guard.

Thats all for today, going for countdown with friends have a good time and have a good 2014 every buddy
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I've been playing Four Axis for two months. No reason to stop now! :D

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