Monday, January 6, 2014

The death of yugioh blogging

Sorry guys but someone has to bring this up sooner or later.

Yugioh blogs  are more or less dead.

Why ?

Because everything is concentrated on social media whereby FB or forums like DGz are the popular choices. An extremely underrated option is twitter, where OCG players and Japanese players share techs and decklists. IMO, every player should set up Twitter and follow baha! and many jap players like joker, jspeed, nana, chariot etc.

Furthermore yugioh isn't exactly the most complicated thing in the world so why would people need to read blogs about its strategy?

Most of the things I have noticed myself writing is why card choice A > card choice B or why I did that instead but it's not really relevant because any idiot can test it himself and come to the same conclusion.

The only stuff which I can actually write about is about good decks at the start of an undefined format. Which in this case is irrelevant because the meta will shape after 1 or 2 ycs.

Cool stuff like techs shouldn't be shared, I mean seriously if you have a cool tech which you found which puts you ahead, obviously you won't share right, you'd rather use it to your advantage at a high level tourney.

Ygo now should concentrate on one thing - bringing more coverage and feature matches as well as duel videos . IMO this are the new best ways to help people improve. Joshua Graham's YouTube channel is doing a very good job and I commend him for going in that direction. Having commentary is good too. Granted his duels aren't top quality, but it's a step in the right direction.

Malaysias yugioh community had decided to do some thing similar by recording duels of locals finals at the official store weekly or something like that.

1 of the stores in Singapore which runs a blog called active card series has decided to give mini coverage in the form of pic and matchup charts on fb and blogs. I feel that if they record the videos or even just 1 video feature of the finals for their tournament series (weekly) , that would be extremely beneficial to the entire Ygo community. Singapore has extremely solid and consistent Ygo players, which many are of world standard, and no other country except maybe Japan, could be in a better position to do this. However, it may be too much to ask or be too inconvenient to the tourney organizers, but if they do happen to read this, think about it ! Any Singaporeans reading this, please convey this msg to them :)

That's  all for today. I will update the blog from time to time , and have a happy new year !

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Francisco Stephen Tan said...

As long as we are here and as long as a blogger blogs. YGO blogg is not die. We can't associate ourselves in some kind of media. I think what's missing are interaction and innovative blogging. We need to conceive the audience in a whole new way to their own perspective.