Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ban List wishlist

so, to mark the new format, which will be known next friday(ish) for TCG, i will post up a banlist wishlist although theres less than a week away.

Prior to the  current list, i think it is very good and honestly quite challenging. It has been one of the best formats so far because dragon format was referred to by most players as a teledad format. I've never played in that format before so experiencing it was pretty good. You needed to make good meta calls to top events because the best deck for that format might not be the best deck for that event.

Sure it may get boring to people after a while but i honestly enjoyed it more than a diverse format.

It may not be healthy since the format isnt diverse anymore but i honestly am not sure if i can enjoy sucha a format anymore. Honestly, it doesnt matter because players should just adapt no matter what the format is. We will still continue to play despite what happens.

The current list put dragons ahead other decks but it is honestly quite a diverse one. It is just that all the good players want to play dragons. When a deck is largely represented, it will top. If most good players run it, it will definitely appear in higher numbers in the top cut, which is simple logic.

With that said, here goes my banlist wishlist:

(assuming that we are following konami TCG's ideology of balancing things out)

Limiter Removal- konami loves taking away power cards.
6th Sense- ~~~
Return from the different dimension- Main card which makes dragons broke. In many games dragons outpace rogue because they can access return and win.

Restricted to 1:
E hero Airman- i've no idea why this card was banned. It is not a power card at all in this format because of the power creep. Killing off heroes was a terrible idea.

Imperial Iron Wall- One of the floodgate ygo cards. I think it should be limited because its too unfair.

Gozen Match- Another floodgate card.

Skill Drain- Same card which stops ygo. If dragons were to exist, skill drain should not be at 2/3 because they would be too unfair.

Thousand Eyes Restrict- call me crazy but i dont see TER doing much in this meta. It cannot be incorporated into a top tier deck, and is hard to abuse.

Verz Ophion- another floodgate card.

Solemn Judgment- Solemn judgment, IMO, is a very skill based card. It should not have gone.

Sacred Sword of 7 Stars- One of the main reasons why dragons were the best deck, it put you ahead so far. Allowing you to draw 2 plus choose a dragon of your choice of the same element you gave up?

Spellbook of Fate- If dragons were to go, spellbooks would undoubtly be a beast. Fate, to me, has been 1 of the main problem in books. Maybe you should hit batel or secrets, but the deck already bricks to itself too easily. Not thought over properly so feel free to criticize.

Restriced to 2:
Dragunity Dux- Dragunities would be good in this format. However, 1 card lvl8 is never good.

Dragon Ravine- Another problem with dragons. Unlike swords, i think it should stay at 2 for dragunities.

Book of Moon- Something which i think should come back to 2.

Bottomless Trap Hole- killing more dragons is cool ~

Gold Sarcophagus- If ravine and swords are decreased, its only fair sarcophagus comes back.

** Batel** - maybe
**secrets**- maybe
** Evilswarm Kerykion**- Not thought out properly but nerfing verz sounds good.
**Constellar Kerykion**- forgot the name of this constellar bt its the constellar vers of kerkyion. Same reasoning.
*** ROTA***- Not my wishlist but i added it in because i think Konami might release it to 2 for noble knights.

Restrict to 3:

So basically my wishlist is just to slow down dragons, but still make them playable. They have multiple ways to shine still, including shrine, ddr, sarco, felgrand etc. Removing all the crazy power cards in the deck while keeping them playable.


Paradise said...

what about mermail :<

Tingy said...

hehe wishlist = no mernail ;)

RareHunter said...

- Limiter Removal: they'll replace Transmodify with Limiter Removal in SD26 TCG.. So, no reason to ban Limiter.. KONAMI love money
- Stratos: they unlimit Malicious, AHL, Duality, Super Poly, Emergency Call, semi-limit Zombie Carrier and Mezuki.. Tewart thought Tele-DAD everywhere.. 5 cards just to ban 1 card? Sounds OP..
- TER: they unlimit Scapegoat.. instant fusion at 3, call of hunted at 3, Pinpoint Guard at 3, Redox at 3, Spellbook of Life at 3, etc
- Dragunity Dux: Garuda at 3.. Dragon Shrine is a card, 2 cards Level 8: Dragon Ravine + Phalanx.. how to summon Level 8 synchro if KONAMI ban Phalanx? Baby Roc + Cerburel or E-Tele? Dux isnt a tuner monster.. if u want to hit Dragunity, ban Phalanx or REDMD (Dragon Ruler no run REDMD). REDMD and Phalanx are in 10 FTK/OTK Dragunity
- Dragon Ravine: to 2? Nab. They can use Divine Wind or Pseudo Space to OTK. Dragon Ruler still alive w/out Ravine

Good news, am glad it just a wishlist.. :) Wat? A Prediction? Dont call it prediction, if ur article no involve a logic

Tingy said...

Are u incredibly autistic

Tingy said...

Wait you don't have to answer, yes you are

Tingy said...

Hold on, I'll have to take a while to write a counter argument because there are just so many fking things wrong with what you typed

Tingy said...

For God's sake I hope you are just a troll

Tingy said...

1) KONAMI and money are no longer correlated. Yes every company loves money but for the whole past formats, nobody can predict what KONAMI thinks. Secondly, I'm very impressed you know what KONAMI is gonna include over trans modify. Thirdly,it doesn't matter if the include x ban card it doesn't change the fact it's a win condition which pops out of nowhere like card destruction, return etc.

2) stratos- I am 100% sure that whatever hero beat deck or whatever teledad deck you build, it will not match the power level of the new themes. If you fail yo understand the power creep....

3) all those things you mentioned are irrelevant. Nobody is gonna build a deck around TER. Nobody is gonna utilise 3 spellbook of life for TER. No book deck is gonna run instant fusion for TER. Nobody is gonna put redox into a TER deck. Good luck playing a deck around TER when a pseudo vanity stardust radiance lock is 1000x stronger, easier to pull off, consistent, and less vulnerable. TER coming back will be equivalent to tsukuyomi and bls. A lot of hype but in the end you find out that the power creep supercedes it's playability.

4) dux is the problem. 1 card synchro. Phalanx is not the problem. And you shouldn't be banning 1 card which would kill the entire archetypes playability.

A lot of the stuff you mentioned isn't even meta in dragunity TCG. Everyone knows that the company which constructs the banlist MAINLY constructs it based on looking at the trends, deck lists in the meta , whereby the TCG meta doesn't have stuff you specify such as baby roc, or pseudo space etc. Even so, if they choose to use those cards (which I have no idea what the effects are), then it would be innovation and adaptation, which is encouraged.

5) you hit dragon ravine to hit dragon rulers , hitting dragunity is the tip of the icing. A dragunity deck with 1 less ravine and 1 less dux is so much less consistent.

I'm very sorry if I came off rude (no I'm not ) but you came off rude in the first place calling my article illogical, and definitely didn't say it was a prediction, it was a wish list (which you even acknowledged) , which I have no idea what you're going on in your last sentence.