Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Merits of Card Trooper

So, another dragon article- i hope you guys aren't bored with the content :3

First of all everybody knows that trooper is pretty relevant in TCG Druler but some choose not to play it because of the fact that you will mill your spell/trap cards if you have bad luck with it.

Well, this article hopefully changes your mindset on Card trooper's flexibility.

A while ago, i had been testing different ratios of card troopers from 0 to 2 in standard dragon and found that 1 is a pretty good number so that you don't draw too many vs your mirror match which is where its 50-50 most of the time. Generally 2 would be the right number but i found 6th sense to have the same useability of Card Trooper (another reason why i think 6th sense is absolutely staple!)

So, if you look at it from a different POV, you will almost always be summoning card trooper only when you are without colours. If you have a dragon hand, and a trooper. then yes trooper is an added liability but only if your opponent has a nutty hand with fuel + traps ! But not everyday is a sunday so thats the only situation where its bad.

If you have a spell/.trap hand and you summon trooper and mill spell/traps, at first it may seem bad, but you are generally discarding the possible dead draws you have for next few turns and turning it into live dragons from your deck (hopefully!), plus if your hand is full of traps, and you milled more, then its fine because you still have your hand to abuse. You can then proceed to waste their resources so that you can put pressure on them so that they cannot make a comeback.

In the above situation, if your opponent is in a good position, you'll almost be losing anyway. Having trooper at least lets you sift through your decks for plays next turn with the possibility of milling dragons. So, its a card which lets you do something and improve your chances over the upcoming turn.

Worse comes to worse, late game, trooper acts as redox monster reborn fuel when you have no dragons left in your deck (you dont wanna mill your traps and power cards!)

Thus, i think in almost every situation , trooper is never bad in the mirror except when you open colour hand and they open perfect, which was pointed out that your already losing anyways, so why not play a card which increases consistency overall? Its similar to the mindset of playing ryko in junk doppel , whereby even if you mill power cards, and not combo cards (which was an added benefit), you'll still be closer to your combo pieces in your following draws.

Patrick Hoban talks about Upstart Goblin, card trooper is an upstart goblin on roids which generate more and more advantage as long as it stays on the field.

In fact, i have had so many situations where i summoned it and blaster just to put pressure against an opponent's s/t board in the mirror. A card which puts added pressure is almost always good.

Added benefits include using it vs retarded rogue decks or playing the resource game vs your opponent if you know he still sides debunks (sucks in TCG) or if he runs fossil dyno.

Alot of people are terribly bored with the format as of now, so i would advise them to learn OCG mermail mirror because the deck is incredibly fun ! Its a whole different format with whole different card interactions, and for some reason i feel that the OCG and TCG might just merge back together next format. (call it 6th sense)

That's all for today.


Neil said...

why debunk sucks in TCG???

Is card trooper good in mythic dragons??(because you can mill them :/)

DivineJimmy said...

I hate Card Trooper with all my heart. Its effect can't be negated. and it will always be a +1 with mill option.

Its funny because the only card I hate more than card trader is the new staple you talked about! THE SIXTH SENSE IS THE MOST BROKEN CARD IN THE TCG AND SHOULD BE BANNED!!

The ability to Draw 6 cards is fucking broken as hell!

When I use it I tend to pick 1 or 2. guaranteeing me 1 or 2 draws, or a huge mill of plus 3 or more!! --Which makes my graveyard live for Tidal,gunde,abyssturge, open for moulin glacia, and amazing for abysssquall. This card is Steroids for any deck.

Paradise said...

I was pretty much convinced until I see Patrick Hoban in the article

IMO the fact that Trooper is among the best Crimson Blader's food matters more than milling spell/trap. Even if you have 3-4 colors 1st hand you don't really want to commit into a Dracossack/level 8 synchro if you have no protection

That's also the problem with Trooper. You don't want to summon Trooper when you have no protection

So, in short, Troopers make half of your bad hands (no traps) worse, and the other half of your bad hands (full traps) better

Yeah that's the deal

Tingy said...

Except it doesn't work that way all the time, your opponents will also have terrible hands and not perfect hands so trooper puts a lot of pressure more often than not

Tingy said...

U r right paradise ~ it makes your bad hands worse and your good hands better ~