Monday, November 18, 2013

Carl Manigat's Mythic Ruler

Yesterday ARG Worcsdfzdnfsjdfq just finished and i managed to take a look at some of the decklists. Granted most of them were horrible and established my stance on why American YGO shouldn't be taken too seriously at times, 1 particular deck stood out very much to me which was Carl manigat's mythic ruler.

3xBlaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos
3xRedox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders
3xTidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls
3xMaxx “C”
2xMythic Tree Dragon
2xMythic Water Dragon
1xMontage Dragon
1xBattle Fader
1xFlamvell Guard
0xSpells : 15
3xForbidden Lance
3xSacred Sword of Seven Stars
3xUpstart Goblin
2xDragon ravine
1xBook of Moon
1xGold Sarcophagus
0xTraps: 6
1xReturn from a Different Dimension
3xReckless Greed
1xCompulsory Evactuation Device
1xBottomless Trap Hole

This was his main deck list.

First of all you will notice is that it has absolutely no tempest and meaning you only run 3 dragon rulers.

Secondly is the upstart and reckless engine which bears so much resemblance to Patrick hobans's dragunities.

The idea of this deck is to use those 2 colours to summon a rank 8 usually felgrand, or draggluong or even galaxy eyes comparable to a level 8 that hoban's deck focuses on summoning.

It also runs montage dragon as a searchable level 8 to abuse together with mythic water. Montage dragon is a beast being able to considerably put game on board makes it an incredibly interesting monster. However i think its used just for synergy with trade in and mythic water. Lance + montage is crazy because putting 4k damage is insane since it bypasses scarecrow and fader.

The 2 trade ins represent the consonance engine in regular dragunities.

The merits of the deck is that it doesnt rely heavily on ravine which can be considered an asset since field spell wars wont be a problem for this deck.

I think it is very very interesting and is definitely worth testing out.

Is it good? Probably, he had to be doing something right to make it to the finals or a glorified regionals. However, it may not be good because of consistency issues etc but its definitely worth a try.

The event also showcased fossil dyna pachyphealo's entrance to the druler sidedeck similar to what japan has been doing.

Fossil dyna is very neat with stardust radiance. Backed up with a debunk and a trap stun, its incredibly powerful. However it wont be as effective in TCG compared to OCG where traps arent very prevalent.

Its ability to kill orphion and many other decks is neat too , an has alot of weightage to how versatile it might be.


Sickle Revised said...

No extra nor side deck? Oh well.

Sickle Revised said...

What? No side deck or extra deck he's using? awwww