Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dragon decklist

This will probably be my last dragon decklist for this format since i am pretty sure konami will kill off dragons in some way. Hopefully they let them exist still !

The format has actually been pretty diverse naturally, but everybody and their mothers decided to run dragon ruler thus the reason why the top cuts are filled with druler. TBH if a good player picks up a different deck, they can make it work etc (eg : Sam pedigo, Eaton guo and Sean mnccabe), even if they have to resort to maining 21 flood gate cards.

However i dont blame anyone for wanting to play dragons- its easily the best deck since you can also sack with return and 6th, and put free power cards on the board.

So, to explain some choices-

The monsters are extremely standard. I chose scarecrow over fader because some people are starting to run vanity again. And felgrand isnt realistically good in the TCG.

spells !:

2 ddr- this card is a bi-product of me playing the OCG for a while. It is never dead , opens endlesss possibilities, turns lacklustre hands in t1 of maybe only 2 colors into playable ones, recycles your fuel, and puts pressure on your opponent. Furthermore, i'd like to blow my opponents out when i use ddr after siding out return :D

enemy controller- used to be book of moon but am just testing this. Surprisingly good in mirror as stealing your opponent's afd t1 is too good. Activatring your own ravine then using their afd on your ravine destroys their t1 setup, which is an insanely good setup which can win you the game.  Also a 1 card out to pleaides but yeah nvm.

trap stuns- still in the midst of testing. may switch for mst. stun is great with monsters like dragosack where you can summon sack, and opp activates a trap and you chain stun, then blow up 1 of their fds. Clears multiple cards and allows you to push. However unlike mst it is sometimes dead.


fossil dyna- vanity + ophion out. I wish we had ghosttrick frost :(

e virus- i noticed lately it is getting harder to play around evirus, thus added it in.

dna surgery- books + noble night

tuner scheme- card that was tested out for fun but turned out to be insanely good. If known, opponent will play retardedly to play around it. If set t1, it turns their afd combo against them. If not, you take away some of their resources when they sync a monster, and to deal with the monster they just relinquished to you, they needa expend more resources too. Its harder to play around it then you think because not every situation compels you to make star eater/ colossal/ dragosack

Or i could run debunk XD But debunk has been pretty crappy lately.

Banlist post tomorrow !


Paradise said...

the whole consetllar/evilswarm/fire fist deck cannot even get over felgrand and you still think it's not good? :<

Tingy said...

I love felgrand it's extremely good and I think it's the best xyz, but then realistically you will play more mirrors in the top cut of an event, and felgrand vers loses more to afd variant, :( felgrand Vers has like no consistent out to afd t1 with ravine in hand backed up with backrow.

That would be the worst case scenario I understand, but we must account for the worst :(