Friday, August 16, 2013

short banlist post

So the list released by ygoorganization is real.

Regardless, it will be a very interesting and cool format.

Viable decks will be:

1) dragon plants (yes theyre still kinda legit except it dies to verz 100% g1)
2) spellbook (am sure they're not that dead and are still playable to a certain extent)
4) infernity
5) 4 axis ff
6) bujin
7) verz
8) hero
9) agent
10) gadget
11) karakuri

well basically almost every deck!

konami was kinda right to hit tues and sphere, hitting those 2 to 1 each defnitely hurt more than hitting dragoons to 1. Dragoons may be a searcher but at the same time dragoons should exist so that marksman remains a respected card. By hitting tues, gunde plays become less prevalent, the deck automatically slows down early game until the next 2 turns when you can do your plays. Hitting sphere made the deck have less options so you cant just spam it how you want

This is possibly the best list konami has done in ages as it was very well thought of. As i predicted in an earlier post, the problem cards were babies and jday, and im actually surprised konumi decided to ban the 5 cards.

It seems very very well thought of until u consider trisula, and this 4x a yr rule.

So, i will talk more on the special rule and other random stuff:

1) i have no idea what konumi is doing with releasing trishula. lol nutsssss. decks like mermail and plant dragons jsut go into it like nothing.

2) so is this banlist 4x a yr thing. wut? so what about tcg? now we have to play different formats? multiple banlists smell like set rotations though, and in this case, means the game is gonna cost more than mtg ??!! This means ppl are gonna go crazy 4x a yr not 2x anymore.... By nerfing the game every set, this means an archetype can never be too powerful, and konami will do its best to balance it. 1 thing to wonder is: if you do this, why not just create balanced cards instead of running multiple banlists? However, we cant deny konami is trying to use its power to create the most balanced game state they possibly can. Every move is done to slowly readjust and create the perfect format in their eyes.

As much as i hate to say it, it feels like konami's Research and development team is retarded and incapable of producing healthy cards, and instead they're letting the players be the lab rats to bring out the potential in newly released cards, then using their power 4x a yr to implement a restrict list to nerf their creations. Hopefully i am wrong...

3) New format in OCG called no limit duel which is basically traditional format (vintage), however no news is certain if u can use only 1 banned card, or multiples. Kinda expected this when they hit shark and left magi to 3, so that zenmaity becomes less imbalanced in traditional format.

In this format, it seems the shop has control over the format. This means the shops can choose to implement any format they want, either of the past (goat control , t hero ddt format), or they could set their own banlists with respect to the current 1. There are so many possibilities that it hasnt been clarified properly yet.

4) It also seems that there will be age groups involved. IMO they are probably trying to solidify and unite the dragon duel idea for every country. This is a very good thing meaning the older players wont have to bully the kids who play with blue eyes.dek

All in all, konami seems to have gone loco and imo the game is gonna become so so messy :-/

Just when all of you thought you could read konami's actions, they surprise you by pulling off something mind blowing just to show that they can, and cannot be predicted. This list also confirms something i have suspected over the past 2 formats: Konami may not be so profit oriented afterall. Then again, hitting expensive rare broken cards means they can sell their other upcoming products anyways. so lol.


MaJu V. said...

No, I don't think you're wrong on that one. Konami's R&D team is a bunch of retards.

LFN said...

^ maybe they don't even have an actual R&D team as opposed to a group of suits that play with new designs after work at one guy's apartment lol

mike said...

Pretty sure monkeys design better cards