Friday, August 9, 2013

new banlist ??

Hi guys i was just gonna write an article about how archetypes ruined the game from my experience from cube draft, but then after seeing a bunch of players online writing abt it on FB (ya wtf?) in a single post, and since most the content is similar i thought meh screw it.

The most recent banlist which i saw last night also happens to be the most logical and credible.

Source is from Clarence's blog here:

He got it from a Japanese player (not stated whom, from where, or on what form of social media)

Clarence has always been a credible source, so if any of the leaked lists circulating is the banned list, i would probably say the 1 he posted is the real 1.

I am not gonna say this is the real list. But i will breakdown the impacts of this list.

So, not much to say, most of it is a very good list because:

1) Judgment day and Batel is hit. Batel is the stratos of the deck, and to slow the deck down since most of the spellbooks cards needs spellcaster monsters, so its logical to hit batel to encourage the usage of other stuff like defender, justice etc. By hitting jday and batel, the decks consistency is reduced much greater than you think. It will force them to use more eternities, which will continue to affect the decks consistency further. Thus spellbooks become a hit or miss deck. Risk it and resolve jday and win (? not 100% also since otks still exist), or just open shit and die.

2) Dragons hit in the best possible way ever by the implementation of the special rule. Since they announced it, i never had my hopes too high as people on FB kept speculating about extra deck change or change in max number of cards because that would just be way too retarded. People who said Occupy Ygo caused the change is also retarded. As noble as the cause is, it has made 0 impact on the game as of yet.

By implementing the 6 dragon per deck rule, the dragon ruler deck automatically disappears, and cards like reju, Card destruction are left untouched, and the babies are left untouched too.

3) Mermail hit in the best possible way. Lets face it. If most of the archetypes retain their search engine and mermail's get hit, it would be the most unfair. By not hitting dragoons, atlanteans still remain a considerable force so that marksman can still be a powerful card (deal damage summon dragoons), and it makes abyss dweller and bahamut shark still relevant, which are both very important for the bujin matchup. BY hitting diva, you hit the card which gives you the most options. In the deck, its way better than Tour Guide has ever been since you get so many options with diva. Now you cant go waste first turn diva into gachi and it also prevents diva into infantry into diva for otk and retarded advantage.

However with diva limited, now players will have to main the 1 copy of salvage and abys sturge (which i have always advocated). If dragoons was hit, mermails would still be playable. I think diva hit was just perfect, since dragoons will now be used to search megalo, atlanteans. It also reduces the 2 card otk (stream + dragoons), since i will hesitate alot more before using diva for that.

Ok maybe im being biased but im happy dragoons didnt get hit.

The rest has been covered by clarence so just read his explanations especially for tensu.

Bringing back trunade for me was the part i disliked most in the list.

Granted i can see what Konami wants to do: wants you to make a big push with trunade and take the risk to try to kill your opponent and if you arent able to , then it gives you leverage to be able to make a comeback instead of just losing everything.

Pros of trunade:

1) not losing out overall
2) triuple star hall? trunade bitch
3) abuse with demon chain, safe zone and stuff

Cons of trunade:

1) trunade chain sphere for profit!
2) trunade tenki for profit!
3) backrow format everyone sets 4-5 and "grind" . For a very long time i no longer see set 4-5 backrow formats as grinding. I see however mermails/windups trying to break through those decks as real grinding.

Anyhow, theres alot more to think through and im sure konami has done their testing to ensure a "balanced" format (or maybe they were on maryjane and decided to be high like when they created judgment day)

As much as storm is a bad card which gives you plusses, it punishes bad players, but then i also wonder why they made judgment day.

If the format continues to revolve around cards like safe zone and fiendish chain, there could be some skill to trunade especially when its optimum to drop it and it wont be all mindless set 5 format.

Or maybe i just typed all this for ntg and wasted ur 10 mins if this doesnt turn out to be the new list :D

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