Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tcg forbidden list

Is the most interesting list I have ever ever seen in my entire fking life

I actually love it because it hit alot of cards that don't allow you to play yugioh like shock ruler, soul drain, d fissure, cosmos etc.

With that said I am 100% sure dragons/mermail will still be somewhere tier 1.

Hitting backrow cards like ced, bth was all the icing on the cake.

However with all the generic backrow cards nerfed , say hi bitches.

its still too early to say what decks are real or not, because realistically, it depends on how good the deck is built, or how much synergy the cards still have left. EG; i think decks that are the most consistent at pulling off combos will be good (mermail because of its internal interactions)

I also like how it hit just about every wacky strong card like gateway, card destruction etc

Wow KONAMI just wow.

You never fail to surprise.

I'm under the assumption tcg and OCG will have different formats, so OCG KONAMI let tcg KONAMI finally take control of their own banlists. Then they gave us this.

For once, I'm actually thankful I play in tcg now.

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MaJu V. said...

I'm surprised as well. I expected some changes compared to OCG, but this is... wow, just wow.