Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The importance of goat control

After a really exhilarating format of dragons and spellbooks where card advantage was not as important as deck consistency, who knows what lies for us in the next format !

Hopefully and i am quite sure Konami will do something about spellbooks and dragons.

And like most trends, setember format is a diverse format, whereby march format is a 1-2 deck battleground.

So, what better way to relearn the concept of yugioh and improve your knowledge by playing goat control, the best format in yugioh!

There are so many concepts to learn or relearn or replay :D

HLG and some other friends are playing the 2005 format seriously and properly now and we have just started 2 days ago (me and Shah 2 days ago), while Wesley, Andrew and LGQ started today.

AND i can safely say.... WE'RE ADDICTED

Its heaps fun and good stuff !

Theres not only goats, theres also:

1) burn
2) soul control
3) empty jar
4) warrior toolbox
5) beastdown
6) Indy chaos (fancy name for goats)

and much more!!

Its gonna be beneficial for next format

So, why not join the fun :D

And play some REAL YUGIOH


petqwe said...

This is the best format because good players nearly ALWAYS win.

The last 10 Goat Controal games I have played, I actually lost all of them.

GQ said...

Just to point out that, 2005 was Cyber Dragon domination in the OCG, wasn't sure if CRV was out during that time, but it was hell if you can't get a playset of them 2100 beaters.

mike said...

@ LGQ- we're playing the tcg format, cz its just plain fun

@ petqwe- yeah defnitely ! sometimes duocharitypot is too much tho =( but then it doesnt happen as much!

petqwe said...

Cybernetic Revolution was released May 2005, but the banlist was valid from April 1 to August 31 2005.

So the Goat Control format was sometimes referred as April 2005 format.