Saturday, July 6, 2013

Defender the magical warrior

Just as how dragins are adapting old cards, spellbooks in the tcg are adapting too !

Many of you probably do not know this, because you would have to be on duelistgrounds to know this, or played with someone on dgz on Dnet.

The idea of defender is to be used in conjunction with kycoo and jowgen. Players everywhere are adapting to cards such as last day of witch due to its heavy success in Asia. Defender is a second layer of protection just in case you do not have wisdom (you dont always search this out mostly you take fate).

Defender's effect is a once per turn layer of defence but then the good thing about him is that he serves as a beatstick especially with the TCG's build of 3 starhalls.

The TCG builds basically utilize 3 Batel, 3 kycoo, 1 jowgen, 1-2 defender, 1 droll bird (optional)

In their sides they utilize tsukuyomi for the mirror match to get rid of kycoo, or to disperse of kycoos//horus in dragons (is a card there)

This is an entirely different strategy used than the OCG, mainly because the ocg believe in Blue eyes and Junon. While i am not a prophecy expert at all, i can say junon and maiden are very very good for the dragon matchup helping you make random crimson bladers, invincible walls and big beatsticks which require dragons to waste alot of resources to kill it or make a big eye, only to have the big eye fated/bottomless-ed.

However the main difference between tcg and ocg builds is that ocg mostly do not use 3 starhalls, however it is a common thing in the ocg to make starhall the main objective of the deck solely because they believe it is the best card.

While OCG uses a very effective strategy against dragons., the problem is that the strategy can be easily disrupted by a Book of Eclipse and Last Day.

TCG's strategy will also be easily disrupted by eclipse, but slightly less vulnerable to last day since you can protect kycoo once.

TCG has also decided to try out a very old card which nobody remembers from a structure deck called magical beast cerberus. The idea is to create a fucking big beatstick in the mirror match due to star hall counters, and at the same time get over kycoo and stuff. The only out to it is spellbook of fate!

While spellbooks remain a dominant force, i urge the OCG to test out defender + 3 star hall to see if it really is all that good (i also dunno lol). Why not, since there's almost no big events left for the format.

While it is safe to say that OCG players have an upper hand with access to more cards like maiden and blue eyes silver dragon, the fact that the only 2 reps going to worlds who qualified with spellbooks are from the TCG (kye baker natoli and chris icantrememberhisname from europe). Whether that means anything, is up to your interpretation, but i would like to know your views on this, especially on cards like defender the magical warrior and the TCG's reliance on starhall.

It used to be protect the ophion, now its protect the kycoo.

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