Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Banlist speculation time

Its been ages since i've touched yugioh, and the closest thing i did to yugioh was play goat control matches intensively (which i learnt alot in a short period of time), but that fad of playing old format diminished as i moved to perth to settle down in a new environment !

TBH, the format itself is aids as anybody would know.

I did get some games in last week heading down to a locals just to meet some players (thanks kosc and co). I played a few dragon ruler matches with kosc (aus nats top 4) and went about equal as i solidified my hypothesis that reju won games. each of our games went the same way. Whosoever went reju won, and the other player did not see a reju. Granted there were times consevring hand traps won you games, but reju put in 95% of the work.

i also played some goat control matches which were very good as they were very different from new yugioh but players who opened 2/3 of the trinity (usually pot and had the faith tsukuyomi recycle loop usually won by a longshot) . Games were not really won by delinquent duo because we conserved it until we knew our opponents had dropped serpent, or when you were in a really simplified game state whereby duo-ing even 1 card (+ serpent) would make a big difference to the game. Charity played a very big part too but most people conserved it unless you had a MOF and a snake (but doing so will risk duo but whatever if you have established a good enough field control)

I found that thousand eyes is a bitch but it wasnt impossible to get rid off. Most of the time, 1000 eyes only lasted 1-2 turns unlike cards like jowgen, kycoo, ophion in which relentlessly stopped you from playing yugioh, and as 1 of my friends once said, no matter how much skill level you have, if you cant get rid of jowgen/kycoo, it doesnt fucking matter.

And that is what the game has become now. The skill level comes from constructing your deck , and choosing the appropriate cards, and pray you draw them as an out. I pray i draw my tsukuyomi/ last day of witch/ eclipse book vs spellbooks, and i pray i sack them with reju. This is why spellbook in the OCG are relatively better than TCG spellbooks because they are more consistent, with the release of blue eye girl while TCG spellbooks give you some blowout hands which are identical to meta beat hands and you just lose coz dragons > metabeat anyway.

With that said, dragons and spellbooks have to go. Here is the banlist i came up with:


Burner dragon ruler of sparks
Lightning dragon ruler of currents
Stream dragon ruler of droplets
Reactan dragon ruler of pebbles
Spellbook judgment day


Super rejuvenation

Now you may ask what is the significance of the banlist that i have created.

The reason i banned every single baby was because dragons was not a problem until the babies came along. Think about it, if there were no babies, would dragons even exist? Dragons would do what they do best: helping the elements decks respectively such as dragunity mermail firefist machina karakuri etc.

I once thought that dragons were created to help the elements but looking at tempests card design showed that that wasnt the case and konami intended for dragins to be dragons. Tempest is specific for searching other dragons (partially because if it searched anything else, tempest would be broke).

Spellbook judgment day was banned contrary to what people say about batel / secrets being banned. The thing is spellbook was not really much of a deck (still decent) until jday came along. Jday and reju ruined the game because they allowed players to be rewarded for spamming cards and not conserving them. Sure there are certain precautions and orders of playing them but then is that really that hard to learn?

Limited super reju isnt needed in this banlist if the babies are banned because dragons die out, but then i limited it just because it is a degenerate card which is dumb and we dont need so many in this game.

Anyhow banning the 4 babies would be applicable and the best solution but is that really gonna happen? Hmmm..



Super rejuvenation
Spellbook judgment day

Mecha Phantom beast dragosack
Glow up bulb

The alternative method people take is to ban super rejuvenation and judgment day, and keep dragons alive.

The flaw here is that dragons are kept alive. The sheer power creep is really overwhelming but the argument exists that the deck will run out of fuel after making a dragosack play and you can easily lock them with iron wall or other cards which dont allow you to play yugioh, thus sort of killing the deck.

The flaw here to that is that to do this, you would have to draw the out, and dragons can still adapt with different techs like psy blocker mst bla bla bla. Granted that i have never liked cards like iron wall, oppression soul drain etc because they stop you from doing anything and you jst die if you dont draw a storm/mst. So, if i were konami i would not propel the game in that direction.

Another flaw is that by doing this, players still have to deal with dragosack. Lets face it, people have made dragosack and rogue decks waste 2 cards+ to deal with it only to meet another 1 or a big eye. The dragon mirror now only exists because of dragosack. If you take dragosack out of the equation what does that leave you? Just dragon-ing around and veiler and maxx c. You cant make master of blades because people just attack with random blaster and you die. So will the mirror come down to master of blades and whoever has the econ? Maybe.

What people are thinking of doing now is to limit dragons power. I have never been a fan of banlists outright destroying a deck (plants :C ) and have always believed the right thing to do is to limit a deck's power and nerf it. However this is not the case for dragons. Dragons need to go because they are entirely different from other archetypes.

By nerfing them and limiting dragosack, people still need to deal with the monstrosity and master of blades, and are forced to maindeck shitty cards like iron wall just to stay in the game. Sure thats do-able but do you really want to play a game which forces you to run iron wall? fk of. mermail ironwall. firefist ironwall. After that all tourney reports become:  "fk i nvr see my iron wall so i lost" or "fk never see mst so i died"

Also why did i not limit jday instead of choosing to ban it? because it can still be recycled with eternity and people will just start to run 2 eter 3 fate and revert back to the old build.

Why did i not decide to limit batel/secrets and ban jday instead? idk maybe because jday was the problem all along lol and keeping it at 3 with 1 batel 1 secrets just makes spellbooks retarded to the max.

What do i think konami will do?

Probably follow the 2nd alternative :(

I am seeing konami bring out support for noble knights and vampire and random shit so i have a little faith konami will put dragon/spellbook to an end.

What i am hoping for next format:

1) Glow up bulb to come back and be fun, However i dont think synchro plants will be able to deal with the power creep. Who knows.

Also for those wondering why i didnt limit atlantean dragoons, its because i am a bias bitch and i wanna play mermail next format the end

Also to those wondering if i will play MTG (really want to !), i will if i meet someone nice enough to lend me cards for the game. Have no $$$$ to spend on card games. I am still in the game because i have networking powa and people are saints to lend me cards/decks.


MaJu V. said...

You've got a point about the baby dragons, but I sincerely doubt Konami's going to hit them...
I think most realistically is that they're going to cut away all the older support cards (Gold Sarc, Super rejuvenation & N°11: Big Eye). Though I hope they'll be smarter than that...
And Prophecies... I really hope they just get rid of Judgment Day, because other hits will make the deck less good. But I'm afraid they'll butcher it :-/

GQ said...

"If you don't have Reju in your opening 6, please just save us some time and concede ... "
something I really wanna say every game against rulers.

mike said...

gq- not having reju doesnt usually mean a loss. u can still play it out

@ maju- am jst sitting back waiting for nxt format

Jazz said...

pls make the first one the real banlist konamai!

i dont think they will hit dracocksack, bc its too new, but if they dont hit dracocksack, then they wont hit the babys...only solution is to hit both sack and babys!

in other words: make sack impotent so it cant have babys.

JDay needs to go, at least it was possible to play against SB when they didnt have it, its just straight up boring now :/ like, when its their turn i just take some of their dices and just start playing yatzy...

Jazz said...

make sack impotent so it cant have babys/hit both sack and babys konamaini

judgment day just needs to go, its retardedly good.

at least most prophecy players have more dies than they need so i can play yatzy while im waiting...

GQ said...

@mike : from a control players point of view, if they end their turn with a big play without reju, you've pretty much won this game, so long you don't misplay yourself.

mike said...

@gq - idk man. It's diff n such cz the odds of drawing storm / reju off a top deck or thru swords / card D is still there etc, and they naturally overpower every other deck UNLESS u set up an iron wall or emptiness and they draw no outs