Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last minute advice to NAWCQ players (edit: drag)

So, i decided im gonna give some last minute advice. Basically i want to see how many people read this blog and follow its content (curious !!)

Of course im not gonna give advice for prophecy player because i know literally horse shit about the deck (likely to know more than the average player but still shit) , so i'd just clarify some things about dragon rulers !

I also have no idea about any other decktype because i am a 1 deck type of player. So no advice to verz/constealler/mermail players.

The first issue has to be the sarco-sword issue.

Approaching the OC period, i was playing 2 sword and 1 sarco because i believed sword was good. This got jeers and shit from many players when i proclaimed i didn't like sarco. Everyone said: NOOO sword is shit i dont play dead cards.

Pre OC DGz trend: errr no sword is shit i like how your build doesnt run sword ;) {slashtap}

POST WCQ period:

My reaction: Fuck 2 sword is actually shit i hate it to balls
Their reaction: Sword is too good, i wish i played more (2-3)

Current DGz trend: OMG sword is so good i cant believe no one caught on to it, its literally the nuts, you can just use it the next turn even if you have 2.

What i have to say to it: There is a reason why Japan decided to increase their sword count at 1 point, and have now decreased it again (for a very long time already)

It took me 1 event to cut sword to 1, to realize more than 1 is bad but then thats all you guys have ! Just 1 event.

Reason why sword is bad is because you will draw hands like "2 sword, 1 veiler, 1 maxc/droll/ 1 baby/big dragon 1 storm" . Then you will curse yourself for playing droll and sword and blame the deck for bad luck, when you should have minimized on situational cards. Real life =/= DNet so please you will not always have big dragons all the time no matter what people think. I made a mistake to conforming to Dnet playtesting and sword was never bad. Why? i always draw good (by good i mean at least have 2 color) on Dnet with drags.


Second piece of advice:

EEV , Horus, and droll & lock bird.

IN case you haven't noticed, droll and eev are bad.

So, if you haven't cut them, you should do so. Some friends from european wcq were complaining how bad droll were and wished they had cut them. <-- .="" 2="" cut="" decks="" dont="" else="" enough="" have="" i="" if="" is.="" is="" it.="" japan="" know="" life="" nbsp="" not="" p="" s="" testimonies="" that="" top="" what="">
Even Gruner didn't use it !

Problem with prophecy in TCG is their insane amount of backrow and control based tactics. They look to boost with starhall kycoo and keep souldrain/mind drain on the field. To do this, they have totally gone anti meta and have actually used the spellbook engine to run the anti meta engine. They have also cut junon/maxx c, for consistency so it makes your droll look bad. Think about it this way: You can stop them from going off, but it doesnt stop them from summoning kycoo , mind drain, soul drain, and a bunch of backrow.

With that said, it is quite obvious how you should approach the matchup. I will not say anymore.

Horus the black flame dragon- i do not know why people are still playing this card. Has it not ever appeared in your hand with card destruction/or a blaster and you have nothing to do with it? Just because Joshua Graham suggested it and you are dickriding it. I bet Josh Graham realized long ago how bad it is and is laughing at all the peoplr who still play it. Also its combo with puppet plant is stopped by infinite backrow and mind drain. This should have been clear long ago.


Dragon ruler mirror match !

The dragon ruler mirror is sooooooooooo unique as we have never had a type of yugioh format which required us to change our builts every 1-2 weeks.

Why is this? beecause once a tech becomes good, people will jump on to the bandwagon (eg: chalice), but what you should be actually doing, is finding something different to counter it to go against what other people are doing. That is what makes successful dragon players. If you have noticed:

trend 1: ladd
trend 2: breakthrough to counter ladd. ladd gets cut
trend 3: vanity + stardust radiance + dragosack. usually it is dragosack coz its easier to make
trend 4: people start playing stuff like virus/ econ to take control of dragosack and pop itself and something. vanity gets cut because its easy to play around.
trend 5: since no 1 plays vanity anymore for a very long period, it starts to become good again, this time with big eye instead because nothing gets over it.
trend 6: people are starting to play Ladd again.

it is a prime example like this that shows that dragons are an ever-adaptive deck and the loop has actually come into a full circle. If you are still using the same old tricks (BTS chalice etc), do try to innovate, as it will make your moves predictable !

Well, thats all the basic stufff i have to cover, as there are more intricate stuff but then i have friends playing in NAWCQ too so can't reveal too much ~

Good luck to all the players in NAWCQ this weekend.


GQ said...

Thanks for sharing man! If I top 8 NAWCQ, I'm gonna give you a shout out!

Paradise said...

Bird's bad, but you need to side 3 :<

EEV is like bird, but even more unreliable

I sided 3 EEV and 2 Fusiliers and still had dead EEV :<

Vansparrow said...

Oh man right when I add Lad back to my deck...

And what about psy blocker still good?

Vansparrow said...

What about psy blocker still good?

Vansparrow said...

Oh man right when I add Lad back to my deck...

And what about psy blocker still good?

mike said...

@lgq- k ^_^

@paradise - err no u can easily get away with not playing it

@sparrow - well it's ok.. Depending what other stuff you side in vs books..

petqwe said...

How do you feel about Sage of Silence in Spellbook mirror match?

mike said...

@petqwe- not very useful cz the easiest way to win a spellbok mirror is kycoo + wisdom.