Thursday, July 25, 2013

leaked september list #1

banned: 0


mind master

semi limited:

atlantan dragoons
effect veler
big eye

back to 3:

a hero arrives
hieratic rota
torrential tribute

Now at first sight this list is retarded.

Why is this list retarded?

1) prophecy isnt touched much. it will still be pretty strong. granted i know reducing it by 2 searchers instantly cuts off its consistency even more, but in this list, if this were to happen, dragins would be not really be a deck so you wont really need to play so many kycoos, and i guess konami is trying to encourage the usage of blue eyes and the girl.

2) jowgen to 1 is stupid

3) EEV to 1 wut

4) torrential tribute to 3?????!!! Bujin killerrrr

5) mind master released??!!

However  if you think about it, this list actually seems really legit because it is something that konami would do.

I am in no way saying this list is real, but 1 possible direction konami could take with the banlist is to make it look like something like this.

Dragons just die alot because sarc and reju are cut off. There will definitely be ways to innovate this deck and such. But if it is to continue the current build and direction, it will just die. There will be blowout techs like trooper 3 sword bla bla, and probably some kinky synchro engine incorporated.

I like how pollux and castor are hit. I have always said castor is the problem card in verz because it brings out the 1st turn ophion combo but then again konami released rota to 2 so errr....same access??

Another reason why rota is released to 2 could be to promote the usage of noble knights. NK are a nice archetype mainly because i love their art. Granted most of their support cards are foil or of a high rarity although not worth much now, konami has announced release of 5 new TCG exclusives in the shadow spectres so i will not be surprised if they become meta. Drystand is already a step in the right direction.They seem to be the next prophecy, high rarity cards which seem shit at first but get better and better with more support and suddenly a whole blowout card (jday , but in the case for NK, card(S) not 1 terrible brokefuck)

And finally, what i LOVE about this list:

Dragoons to 2 and linde to 2 literally does shit to mermails, i am already playing with 2 linde, and dropping dragoons to 2 will just let me cut the  list down to 40 :DDD

And to people saying angel of zera will be useful in the dragon mirror, yeah, no it wont, kthxbye


Bahamut84 said...

first world problems:
- finding 3rd asia torrential

Other than that, wtf is jowgen at 1 gonna do!

mike said...

LOL Rob wee min for it can alr

Bahamut84 said...

I scared weewee biohazard me