Monday, June 10, 2013

scrubbed TCG event

After spending the weekend playing WCQ + Oceanics in all 3 days, i am safe to say, i am sick of Yugioh. Playing for 1 day is fine, 2 days is already tantalizing, but spending 3 days playing the game is just horrible.

So, lets start off with my WCQ report:

round 1: anti meta frog monarch something:

G1: he  duality into soul exchange so i immediately thought frog monarch. He set a card and pass and i assumed it was dupe frog. Did Dracosack stunts and later he flipped it up to be Fossil dyna ?? Won because did not know what he was playing.,

G2: He opens Macro first turn but macro doesnt do so much shit to dragons cos they replace themselves and i still win although no s/t  removal was in sight. Obelisk OP

round 2: dragon mirror

G1: i forgot how i won
G2: I made obelisk and won in time with a veiler in hand.

round 3: dragon mirror:

G1: i forgot how i won
G2: I forgot how i won

round 4: dragon mirror Marcus Rokman

G1: He had all 4 colours faster than i did so he won as i couldnt clear his big eye.
G2: He kept going under maxx C and although i drew half my deck there was no scarecrow :( Trident dragon (veilered) + compuls + reborn too strong.

round 5: verz

Verz is not a deck

round 6: Battling boxers

not a deck

Round 7: Verz

verz is not a deck

round 8: Dragon mirror Chris Mattiske

G1: Was toying around with him and controlling the board but in the last turn , He outplayed me. Enough said. Never met a guy as good as him. Used all dragons + babies and made 2 big eye which i had the veiler for, and his last card in hand was the fire tuner (didnt expect it as he had all of the effects banished already!), made Blader and killed my cards with both Big eyes (i veiler-ed on summon)

G2: He had more dragons and a better hand and i just died.

Never judge a person by his cover. Immediately i knew he was the best dragon player at the event all day. No salt from this loss. He was so good. Inb4 he became the Oceanics champion.

so i finished swiss with a 6-2 record and had placed 11th. In Day 2 i would play my friend with prophecy who placed 54th.

Top 64:

G1: Jd + secrets is skill with no droll!

G2: I knew cutting the 3rrd mst was gonna cost me and in my hand instead appeared effect veiler! which is very subpar to me in game 2/3. if i had mst instead of veiler (which i left in beccause i only sided 8 initially i sided 9) i could have cleared his second backrow and proceed to resolve EEv on thought ruler archfiend. But my archfiend got Bottomless i am sad why wasnt it compuls :( died after.


Oceanics report:

round 1 : verz

round 2: verz

round 3: thunder family

G1: he summoned shock master 1st turn and call monsters, wow how did he know what i was playing i wonder? I had perfect hand of 4 dragons 1 reju, and topped the next reju. He made another rank 4 with batteryman and i got beat to death the next 2 turns no veiler in sight

G2: I summoned a dragon and passed, and he summoned shock master! This time i let it through, and he overextended onto the board, as i pitched my veiler when he detached the 2nd time. I proceeded to dark hole and win.

G3: He again goes shock master iron wall. it cost me turns (lots of damage) and resources to clear it, and after i blaster his iron wall, he flip another 1 pls fuck me nao :(

round 4: verz. Sam Moore

this guy was the best verz player i met all weekend. All the time i use Dragosack to tribute a token and pop itself hoping people would side reptilliane vaski, but since no one did it, i decided to stop doing that, but he pulled off a vaski! Game 3 he sided something out and i immediately knew it was vaski and just did the normal plays and win.

round 5: dragon mirror

this was a good match because neither of us saw a super reju or a maxx c or a veiler whole game, and we went into time when it was in game 1. I grinded it out and cleared his lp to 0 in the last round in time.

round 6:  dragon mirror

Game 1: he won cos he rreju-ed for 5 into reju # 2

Game 2: i won

game 3: i had no hand traps and no reju and all dragons and he had dragons maxx c, veiler , reju twice (for abt 2-3 cards on separate turns)  =( Since we went into time, he won this easily because his life was higher after time.

so since i was 4-2 and X-2 i could not top, i went to my last round opponent

round 7: spellbooks, Jackson Spadaro

He told me he was X-1-1 and i told him i was x-2 and since he had a better chance of topping, i gave him the win and dropped.

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