Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WCQ oceanics + nationals list

The first list is the list i used for Oceanics. The second list is the one i used for Nats. 

Now to discuss some card choices:

1) Droll & lock bird is shit. If you draw it after they go off, what are u gonna do?
2) EEV is shit if you draw shit
3) Psy blocker is the nuts. deck needs MOAR blocker. i only played 1 because i could only find 1.
4) Breakthrough skill is shit- droll veiler max, bts hand anybody?
5) compuls is legit. So many things to do with it
6) Obelisk is shit if you draw bad. 
7) decree was never needed. 
8) you NEED to play 3 big eye in TCG. People's playstyles are different.
9) Although Gold sarc with other full hand of colours is redundant, gold sarc > sword still because consistency is key in long matches. 
10) return from different dimension is OP in time, i wish i had it.

Most of the cards you can see for nnationals were very standard and all the same as OCG Lists. hence they are predictable, and easy to counter. To go far, you need the surprise factor. 

Both lists are pretty shit. I would play a whole different list if i had to, if i could go back.

people who are playing nationals, please, please if your using dragon rulers, please play psy blocker and cut breakthrough skill. Do NOT go through what i went through. Although most of my losses were attributed to luck, i cant deny that it is partially my fault and my decks consistency that failed me. 

1 last advice- psy blocker is OP. Stop denying how bad it might be, and concoct different situations to try to make it look bad. Card's much better in practice than theory. 


Paradise said...

Currently I'm playing 2 dragon tuners and Thought Ruler so EEV is never shit

Also siding Fusilier and Skill Drain so EEV is auto-win for me 99% of the time

If you don't want to talk here then you can leave this comment unapproved and go on Facebook xD Phạm Thanh Quang, also in the HLG page there's still my post

mike said...

im testing the fusilier drain eev thing now too.

i dont really mind, theres ntg much left to say since i dont really care anymore.

Vansparrow said...

Please post a list if you were going to the USA nationals Iam going and have been play testing but I want everybody s opinion!