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Deck list post + Extra stuff

So i'll write the post now while everything is still kinda fresh off my head.

The list is VERY standard in my opinion, but i bumped up the trap count to include fiendish chain. It was a good card today, but i am only half sold on it, because it makes my opponent's MSTs live. In a way, it could switch the target away from Abyssphere but the deck doesn't have any form of protection. Almost everytime i had this, i wished it was torrential tribute, simply because there were many times when people just flooded their field, especially with wind-up (should have side some gozen or something)

The side list was pretty solid/standard except for Enemy Controller. I saw Jeff Jones using E-con in his deck and so i thought, heck i'll just tech 1 in the side and see how it comes along. It was pretty bad, because i always wished it was another Soul Taker or some other more solid form of removal.

Surprisingly i did not face a single fire fist yesterday which i prepared and sided heavily for the matchup.

Now to talk about the tournament:

From what i said yesterday, the tournament format was an 8-round swiss with no top cut. (This wasn't a bad format from a neutral POV but i just personally do not like it. I will talk about why later)

The bad part was squeezing 130 people inside a store with a playing size area of approximately 3 by 5 metres playing space, and having no aircon. So you can imagine the sweat smell and the heat.

However, the event was quite a smooth one because the 3-man judge team was very good, and also fair, there weren't any biased rulings and they knew their stuff, so kudos to them. They also ran the rounds very smoothly, and things were very organized despite the bad atmosphere.

Coming out from Malaysia where we play 5 rounds of swiss to make the top cut of top 32, and then playing another 5 rounds if you can make it to the final, most of us have never played that long, so it was a challenge of stamina for me.

Most good players have qualified for the seedings everytime they have the chance so that means they will be playing only 5 rounds to go to the finals.

Seedings give alot of advantage and leverage to good players for a number of reasons :

1) You don't feel tired. You can sleep in, reach late or go early and talk with your friends and observe what the other players are playing. This gives you so much advantage while nobody knows your deck.

2) You can actually eat or drink and not feel degenerated after playing a 5 round swiss. Using your brain to consider every option/possibility/situation can be very tiring. I remember how i went into time in the round 6match vs chaos dragons, and was the last match to finish, and right after that i had to play windups, so it wasn't easy.

3) You do not have to prepare for degenerate decks because they will be eliminated outside of the 5 round swiss. There will be less anti meta to prepare for too, and you will not meet random tier 2 decks (because everyone knows meta > anti meta).This gives your deck alot of leverage.

4) This is probably the most important point: In a long round tourney, the probability of your deck's inconsistencies start to show, because if you have taken advanced math before, the accuracy of a study increases with more scenarios considered. Thus, if you base your deck's consistency off a 5 round tourney, you may open bad maybe once or twice only (if your using a tier 1 deck). Yesterday in the 8 rounds, there were times i opened many unplayable hands (2 sphere 2 linde my life is good) or hands which just simply could not deal with what they had (its yugioh). Consequently, if you are playing the deck long run, the probability of you getting sacked or you sacking also increases. From yesterday's report i opened the nuts in at least 3 games, while my opponents opened the nuts in at least 4 games, which is quite accurate ^

So, to players who think TCG is not as hard as OCG, i've just explained how TCG can be harder in some ways. In SEA countries, the seeded tourney system is a huge advantage. i've no idea about Japan, but in TCG, no such thing exists, and i think the closest thing to a seeded tourney was YCS san diego, where the better players made day 2. Sure it is true that more OCG players know what they're doing compared to TCG ones (only like 1/10th of the players there were decent/good) while the rest were just strange.

I am not sure what decks made the top 8 yesterday, but i know:

1 Electrum deck
3 Mermail
1 Windup

Congrats to Bohdan, Jimmy, and Troy for topping, and to Sean for losing on the bubble at 9th place with sams. Ah well.

So, time to stop Yugioh for a few weeks, until the next regional.


So, this is a random part of the post i wanted to share since Baha already asked you guys to follow him on twitter where he posts comboes. I know some of you guys do not have twitter so i'll just share this here:

A few weeks ago, the deck i was talking about which can abuse Transturn is none other than Infernity!

3 Barrier TCG:

To do this you need to open with a hand of Zero Max, Grepher, and either Demon/ Necromancer

1) Grepher discard Demon/ Necro and sends Demon/Necro to grave
2) Zero Max summons Necro1, and Necro1 summon Demon1 which searches Necro 2
3) Grepher demon xyz lavalchain 1--> detach demon mill hellway patrol
4) Patrol ef ss necro 2--> summon demon 1
5) Demon 1 get infernity gun
6) 2 necro xyz levial--> levial summons patrol
7) demon and patrol xyz diawolf--> tributes itself to destroy levial
8) gun ss 2 necro --> Necro 1 summon Demon 1--> Demon 1 searches Demon 2
9) Patrol summon Demon B--> searches barrier 1
10) 2 Demon xyz Laval Chain 2--> Mill Trick Demon--> Searches Demon Palace to hand
11) Necro B ss Demon 1 --> Demon 1 searches barrier 2
12) Activate Palace banish Necro get Demon 3--> searches barrier 3

End product: 2 Laval Chain + 2 Demon + 1 Necromancer + Palace + 3 Barrier

Have fun guys ^

At the same time i want to point out that although the new spellbook boss has an uber broken effect, it is not that good because it is hard to special summon out. The only way is to play temperance, but are you really willing to add temperance and torunt to your spellbooks just for a chance to play that?

Level 9 is an awkward level too, and spellbooks sometimes get weird random hands despite getting 6 searchers because the deck has synergy only after spellbook of secrets hit the grave. Apart from that, without batel or secrets, your hands get really awkward.

Unless a new build for spellbooks comes out, the current OCG one will not run torunt. period.

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