Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Short Message to Konami TCG

What are the odds of Konami's TCG team reading this? Probably lower than 20%, unless PJ suddenly decides to look at this measly blog; but heck i'll still give this a shot, i just have to because it is too important.

So here goes:

Dear Konami TCG team,

Prior to the release of LGTY TCG in May 2013, i would like to bring to your attention regarding the topic:

Releasing of Elemental Dragon Babies into the LGTY set, or any future sets, within a time span of 1 month thereof

The purpose of this short text is to urge you to release the E dragon babies into the TCG.

Allow me to give my reasons why:

1) If E dragons aren't released, the entire TCG format will be a 1-deck format. Prior to one deck formats (some can be skillful like TeleDAD and GB), this is one of those cases where it is not, and the first person to access spellbook judgment day properly wins. The game will come down to who gets their JD and who learns how to use their JD against their opponent properly. This means just conserving it and knowing the right time to activate, or if you get lucky and draw 2 JDs, you will win the mirror.

The second/third games will be the exact same thing, with the added option of who draws their D&L birds, and maybe cursed seal of forbidden spells.

2) E dragons are not unskillful. The current TCG hypes the LADD dragosack 1st turn combo, because all they have had heard are rumours, and believe me when i first heard of the combo i was baffled too, and maybe some have had some exposure to some games on DN. However, after more testing, the engine is very subpar. Referring to the OCG, everyone has cut the LADD engine because it is inconsistent/takes up many resources etc. Reference to LADD as a outright win condition turn 1 is also bull, because there are many ways to play around it, and 1 of them include dropping a simple Castor + any verz and destroying the engine.

3) If the babies aren't released not only will every TCG event, but even Worlds 2013 become a 1-deck event, which is play prophecy and win. Evilswarm and mermail both can hold their grounds if they can access EEV first turn, but the problem comes down to actually drawing it or praying your opponent opens bad.

4) Despite the fact that E Dragons overpower just about every other deck except Prophecy and itself, the mirror match is very skillful. I believe as long as TCG players pick up the fact that  LADD is crap soon enough, we will have a very skillful format which players will appreciate.

5) Despite receiving complains on the price tag on e dragons (3 SCR dragosack 3 SCR big eye and maybe more), i believe it is the same with receiving complaints about having to blow on 3 SCR judgment days/ Junons (high priestess). Besides haven't you been receiving complaints every format? No reprints of exp card- players complain. After reprint- players complain too.

6) If e dragons aren't released, and prophecy dominates, yes, the players will feel better, and less insecure about deck choices because they think oh its better than having 2 broke (almost tier 0s) in the game , rather than having 1 superior deck, so i can freely gamble on my mermail, fire fist, or verz. But it will make no difference so it is irrelevant because Prophecy will still take at least 75% of the top 8 spots in each TCG national event, (except if that country doesn't have a high number of players willing to invest in expensive decks, whilst the 25% goes to lucky players who managed to pilot their grade 2 tier 1 deck into the top 8)

7) No first turn Naturia beast/ six sam shien is not an option.

I believe it is in your good will to include the additions of the cards into the set, whether you have started production of the cards or not. Besides, the whole purpose of releasing the E Dragons into the OCG was to make up for the horrid card design of SJD right? (i hope) So, i dont see any reason why it won't be in TCG too.

Please, for the love of Christ, do not screw up my first TCG nationals experience with an 8 round swiss of prophecy.

Thank you very much.

a very hopeful and troubled player



blackwingEX said...

Deck turnover due to power creep is too much though, unlike the old days where decks have to be neutered for you to replace them... now? decks don't make it to the restriction list yet you have to dish out cash on incarnates or prophecy :/

Ps: I like what I see in more legacy support, continue with that (dark scorpion) or something

jp6641 said...

Okay, yeah we can do that, as long as every card is an extremely short printed secret rare.


Paradise said...

No please...

My only hope is Konami will release the baby dragons after the big dragons get hit by some ban list :<

Prophecy has hands that does not have Judgment Day, and the deck doesn't have much defense, which is handleable for most deck out here. Opening Secret Judgment is just the same as opening Magician Shark, and there're a lot of outs to the Spellbook onslaught

Dragons? No bad hands? If you don't go first or don't play dragons you die? I'd prefer a Prophecy metagame than a Dragon metagame

mike said...

@paradise- it is just my opinion, i respect yours too.

@ BwEX- yea the power creep is too damn high

@jp6641- it doesnt matter i'll just borrow :)

LightGrunty said...

I'm pretty sure Konami finalizes each set months in advance (they decide rarities for TCG sets before the corresponding OCG set is even released), so it might be a little to late for them to do anything, even if they cared about their players' feelings.

mike said...

Yup I'm sure they do too. I'm not sure how early, but with this post,maybe they'll release the babes in some new product or smth. I'm being hopeful here !

anonymous said...

ok take so a prophecy only format is bad
lets make it a e dragons only format
look at japan this is the only deck topping prophecy hasnt done shit in japan only e dragons this is going to make them all thats playable and honestly id prefer prophecy its easyer to side into

Aradia Megido said...

Trying to fix power decks by ramping up the power creep won't solve anything. It's simply a band-aid, the best thing possible would be if Judgement day was E-banned.

mike said...

@aradia megido- of course that is the logical solution but we all know that's not happening lol.

@anon- no man prophecy is doing shit in Japan, what shriek shows are onlymdecklists from certain regions. There are other regions too which focus on other decks.

Also, forcing a deck to main EEV and droll and lock bird is already "doing shit"

ATM the meta is about 60-70% e dragons with the remaining numbers consisting of prophecy + verz.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the jimmy comments !