Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sydney Burwood Regionals report

Won't go into depth here so i'm gonna write a short one and follow it up with an article on how it felt to transition between TCG-OCG (feels weird), and follow it up with the decklist used.

The regs was really last minute i decided to go just 2-3 days before, and i playtested the mirror with Bixuan for like an hour the night before.

I basically tested genex mermail for weeks, but after a few scrubs to mono (too fast) , i decided to just play mono because it was so good.

So i took the build bixuan gave me and switched a few cards in there.

The format was an 8 round swiss with no top cut. Top 16 (i think) get their invites to Oceanics. So basically who placed top 8 in the swiss gets a playmat. This is such a retarded format (still better than single eliminnation) there should be a top 8, and we should not be forced to play 8 rounds just to know our standings =.=

There were 130 players (wow like malaysian nationals), and apparently it was the biggest regionals Australia has ever had?

Shoutout to Sean, Chris, Jimmy and everyone else who lent me their stuff and different bits and pieces of the deck to play. I dont have a single card/deck here.

Round 1: VS ?

I didn't know what he was playing, it looked something like monarchs so i just 2-0ed.


Round 2: VS 6 Sams

Game 1: He opened Shien, dropped 2 kizans, and commited his whole hand and i forgot how i killed him but something to do with capitalization.

Game 2: He opened D Fissure i chain max C, he summons Shien sets 4 backrow and attacks into my Tragoedia next turn. I drew 2 MSTs and set them. He flips up another D fissure, and when i used Tragoedia to attack, he flips fiendish chain, i respond with 2 MST to destroy it, and just win from there.


Round 3: Agents

Game 1: I can't remember what happened.

Game 2: I remember him making a full field and attacking into my Mirror Force.


Round 4: Karakuri

Game 1: He opened good, i drew the nuts, which was dark hole, salvage, reborn, diva, megalo and something. Cleared field, summon diva make catastor he warnings, and i hit him down to 400. He had a response but i forgot what else i did to win.

Game 2: Opened Naturia beast, d fissure, 2 backrow- scoop

Game 3: I vaguely remembered what happened but i remember doing some genius play where i dust tornado his f/d (i was hoping it was mst) and he chains it to my sphere allowing me to bring out pike, discards marksman, adds gunde. I proceed to reborn his karakuri tuner and make gungnir, discard megalo and gunde, to destroy his full field and make big eye, and capitalize, and sets 1 (bluffs a squall) He topdecks dark Hole next turn and makes Burei/bureeido (not sure?) because he said he doesnt know how to play around squall. but i fiendish chain it. He drops d fissure, i topdeck the diva and he rage quit.


Headache enters as the place was hot, stuffy, and they tried to fit 130 people into a store.

Round 5: Genex Mermail

Game 1: He open the nuts and then Moulins me i just die.

Game 2: He flips linde/marksman (not sure) and then summons genex controller and summons Ally Genex triace (wtf is this) to destroy my fd debunk.He summons megalo, hits for damage, and i try to com back, but he had better hands.


Round 6: Chaos Dragon

Game 1: He knew his stuff and he tries to kill me but i drop gorz, and i commit my hand to destroy his entire field (he overextended everything) but he topdecked the BLS yes! But i topdeck Avarice next yes!

Game 2: This game went into time, i forgot what happened but i know i won by a large margin.


Round 7: Windup

Game 1: Opened 2 sphere 2 linde. He had full backrow, with factory, rabbit bla bla.

Game 2: I swear he tried to slowplay me and went into time. He overextends his field, and i try to destroy it by doing infantry into diva plays. Summons infantry #1, he fiendish chain, summons infantry #2 via reborn and make black rose but he flips fiendish chain #2! He overextended the rest, i dark hole, but at the end of thee 5 rounds his life was higher so he won.


Round 8: Mirror match

Game 1: He opened the nuts and destroyed me in 1 turn.

Game 2: I remember him using linde effect and then brings out pike to discard gunde and summon linde and then dark holes himself (i had leed) lol. I think he overextends his field
then i dark hole and killed.

Game 3: I forgot how i won.

6-2 scrubbed ! Anyway a loss is a loss.

Placed 11 out of 130 players but at least i got my Oceanics invite.

Might play the other regionals (in a few weeks but dont know when) if i feel like waking up early.

More in depth post coming soon im pooped now.

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