Friday, July 13, 2012

Chain Disappearance

random filler post. so.

cd is a very very solid sideboard card now for asia format and is better than it was before

you may think what does this deck kill besides inzektors?

the truth is it absolutely:

1) destroys trooper

2) it is even better when they summon Hornet and try bait out your removal then you chain disappearance

3) it kills the new water deck: deep sea diva and maybe some of the atlantean cards

4) kills Hieratics. High attack? I dont think so. Eset is 1000 attack, REDMD special summoned by Atums is 0 , and killing 1 Vanila can mean alot to their combo. The only thing that destroys it is MST but MST @ 3 is really annoying and kills just about anything anyway

5) Can avoid opponent's Chain Disappearance in mirror match. They chain to my Inzektor/trooper and I disappearance my own in response and opponents stuff gets removed. sweet stuff there =)

also nifty to kill random wind up inzektors around. quite good to be sided in 2s

Sadly it doesnt do anything vs Machina Gadget and Chaos Dragon so its not maindeck worthy


Ventus said...

Ah Mike ...

I thought too it would be cool, especially here in TCG land, but TGU proved me soooo wrong ...

On so many occassions people just TGU-Leviair and got their stuff back.

Of course CD can still hit great but I tested it for months but in the end I always ended up taking the shorter end of the stick ...

So as soon you guys get TGU, I dont see it being good but you may prove me wrong on that

mike said...

ya u do realize most of my posts are for ocg format right. lol.

if we had tgu, the entire format would be different so alot of things will actually be altered