Sunday, July 15, 2012

Top Shop Qualifier Tourney Report

So i decided to head down to locals yesterday and try to help Kyde qualify.

I decided to use machina gadget for fun. So i borrowed andrews stuffs and built a deck and random side in the morning.

round 1: VS a random guy

Gadget mirror

Game 1: I summon green gadget and he laughed and he had a retarded attitude which made me annoyed and i was playing conservatively because i thought he had Machinas too. One important part of this game was he maindecked Cyber Dragon which really really caught me off guard. Killed him soon after i farmed alot of advantage

Game 2: I was confident that he had no Machina so i tried to do the usual gadget + double summon plays to fork some advantage. I didnt have any traps while he had a full backrow but i wasnt worried if he plussed with Giganto or kept a Gadget in his hand because i could easily take it out next turn. Suddenly he flip DNA surgery and declared dino and i was stunned literally. Lagia + full backrow was too strong. I eventually got over everything but he just summon Gadget + he had removal for mine and wiped out my lifepoints. Reminded me of the 5th gadget deck concept back in the old days :/

Game 3: He had full backrow and opened Ultimate Offering while i stared an orange hand. Nothing to do here.


round 2: Chang Yin aka the sohai

Game 1: We came to a stalemate and we were topdecking and he summoned either Hornet or Gruff + topdecked gigamantis which he popped and brought back damsel :O

Game 2: I controlled with my gadgets and then he topdecked allure to reveal hornet and centipede but i suddenly remembered something funny which i wanted to try out. I told him to take it back because after draw phase he was in standby phase, and he hadnt reached main phase and then i chained Mind Crush and sealed the game.

Game 3: I had Macro up and we were at a point in mid game where he topdecked Monster reborn to revive his centipede which my gadget couldnt get over as most of my traps were gone. Next turn he played Mind Control to remove my Gadget and attacked over my cards >.>


Scrub ! I will never play Machina Gadgets again.

I decided to play the remaining rounds for the fun of it.

round 3: friend of random guy so i figured he was running a retarded deck too.

Game 1: I Gadget, dual summon into Maelstroke and he compulsory. I gadget and dual summon again into Maelstroke since i wanted to avoid BTH. Beatdown then set 2. In his turn, he played Heavy Storm, Future Fusion into 3 Jinzos and showed me Limiter Removal.  :000000

The whole day i got Yugioh-ed.

Game 2: I killed him fast after he played a retarded Power Bond on Cyber Dragon and something else and made Cyber Twin and i flipped Compulsory.

Game 3: This was a very retarded long match as first turn he set 5, and a face down monster. I assumed it was gonna be some Cyber Phoenix or random stuff but I attacked into Morphing jar. He had 11 cards to my 6 cards and i thought i was fucked. he had so much Waboku + Threatening Roar and my Giganto got BTH but i eventually played around all his cards and killed Future Fusion with Raigeki break. I then played Avarice and Offering and won from there. There was a bit of a debate as the retarded Lagia Gadget guy was sitting down next to him telling him what to do and i got pissed at a point.


Round 4: Siao Sian Lee

Chaos Dragons

Game 1: I set backrow and gadget and then killed his Laila and reborn it then summon gadget and got too much advantage.

Game 2: He randomly MST my solemn judgment then Chaos Dragon god hand me after Decree :(

Game 3: I opened good and he opened good and at one point i had 3 set traps and I MST his Royal Decree just to find that he had another copy face down ! I took a beating from REDMD and Pulsar then during my turn i drop out 2 Machina Fortress to whack his Pulsar and he special summoned another from his graveyard but my Fortress destroyed his other REDMD. Fortress #2 whack his other REDMD and I destroyed his Decree. Next turn i Compulsory his REDMD but he summon Wyvern and banished for REDMD but i flipped BTH and he gave me the hand shake.


Insert conspiracy here and i gave him the win so he would make top 4.

so i finished 2-2 :( then became the cameraman and shot kydes semi final videos. damn wtf his opponent play for 26 mins in one game. Battery life suxxxx.

things i learnt from yesterday:

1) I suck at gadget
2) I hate suicide bomb decks.
3) I can do retarded sharking with Mind Crush =D
4) Im a random scrub :)
5) Never play a deck which you had never played before in your life. I didnt think i'd finish this bad but owells.


Anonymous said...

That Mind Crush play, very sharkish LOLZ

Kahzel said...

Lol is that legit? Sharking with Mind Crush?
I bet he made a funny face :D

mike said...

its legit.

Alato said...

Jinzo decks are awesome!! but just that the guy you played against probably didn't know how to use one properly or build the deck properly :)

mike said...

Ya I read ur blog and liked the argument on jinzo vs countdown. It makes them have to sidr in golem or volcano queen. Also the guy was using a jinzo otk so I guess in games 2 + 3 he drew bad

Alato said...

haha normally people would only side golems and seldom queens. so if you only keep one jinzo ont he field and have no other monsters, the final countdown duelist would find his side-deck useless. game 2 and game 3 are normally the toughest duels for the jinzo returner duelist since their opponents has already figured out their game, so good job on your victory over him :)

mike said...

Thanks. I figured he didn't have the 3 broke card combo so I didn't die :D

Ya that's why I'm thinking of either lava golem or volcano queen. Lol. Volcano queen can be versatile for opponent since ur opponents can tribute a card to burn 1k. Although you can benefit of the hopes for escape, it will still kill you.