Sunday, July 8, 2012

Banlist Post

So, this will be a mixture of what I think should happen, and what Konami MIGHT do. Im damn lazy to divide it into 2 separate posts so bear with me.


Monster Reborn

I can see Konami banning either 1 of this but not 2 of this together, although i know both SHOULD be banned. I would much rather see MR be banned because its retarded but Konami might just let us have a generic topdeck god card so im not really sure what they're gonna do.

I think BLS should be banned because anything running 3 Tour Guide and 3 Veiler as a toolbox can automatically include this card.

Then again September banlist is when Konami lets the game go on a retarded rampage so im not too sure about this.

Mind Control
I dont know how many Inzektor mirror matches i have lost to this or how many i've won with this. Destroys Bounzer, Force Focus, Crimson Ninja and everything and it is almost as broke as Brain Control in the xyz format

Future Fusion

Needs no explanation.

Limit to 1:

Magician of Faith
Im not too sure about this. But i dont think it would make much difference if it came back because its slower and you'll take the risk to play it. Furthermore it doesnt have much synergy with other top decks around. People might splash it in Inzektor to get more lights and apart from taking Heavy Storm, Reborn, or MST, it doesnt do much. Not like you wanna early game and take Duality. Then again i could be wrong and it could make an impact.

I'd like to see this come back. It'd be interesting. Konami may just release this or MOF and im hoping it will be this. Basically anything which isnt TOO generic like BLS or TGU, or too theme specific wont make that much impact i think. Tsukuyomi functions abit like a Maelstroke and the fact that he has to be normal summoned continuously makes it slower. Putting Tsukuyomi in Machina Gadget with Double Summons and Offerings maybe a lil sick. It could also be splashed into Hero Beat for fun because of its effect.

Dark Magician of Chaos
If reborn goes, this will almost do nothing. I think. 

This is something i'd like to see. This MIGHT bring Plant back to being a viable tier 2 deck. Without Glow Up Bulb.

Miracle Fusion
Hero is too strong now as it is topping everywhere and Hero can OTK very fast and has the most consistency and this just leads to it being a power topdeck. After one of Japan's Nationals winning with Arrive Bubble Beat, I'd say that Hero is the best deck for Worlds.

Too imbal in Laval

Goyo Guardian
I'd like to see BF get back in the competitive zone

Limit to 2:

Rescue Rabbit
Rabbit @3 is lol. Rabbit @1 will kill the deck off. Putting it to 2 will make it balanced. Once TGU and Dolka reaches OCG shores, the game should become quite diverse and balanced.

BF Kalut the Moonshadow
I'd like Bf to see more competitive play.

Agent of Mystery Earth
For Agents to come back in the game.

Inzektor Dragonfly
Inzektor Hornet

I'm sure Konami will not hit Inzektors TOO hard because it is somewhat like BF and they will slowly hit it. It also boosts their sales of xyzs because inzektors are one of the most generic deck for spamming exceeds. Putting Hornet to 2 doesnt do shit so i think Dragonfly will go to 2. Inzektors may be the best deck, but many pro players are faring away from the deck namely because:

1) it is too mainstream and if you meet a pro player, it's gonna be hard because they know how to play around it or against it

2) It can commit too much to the field. Lets say you have a hand of Hornet, Damsel, MST, Veiler and some other trap. Do you think it is good? I think its a terrible hand because if you think about it, if your opponent has a second or third trap, or if they throw down a Veiler, you will be able to do nothing and are forced to topdeck it out. Basically if all you have is 1 inzektor, and it gets Veilered then its basically downhill from there.

3) It has retarded consistency problems. Believe is or not. 3 centipede, 3 damsel, 3 hornet, 3 gruff can still give you retarded hands of multiple centipedes and anything else.

4) The deck is playing at technically 5 cards if you open up with an Inzektor Hornet. Because Hornet is part of a combo so you are actually holding 5 cards. Its damn pain if your opponent opens Stratos, Card car D, Gadget, Gearframe, Rabbit so you'll have to face 7 cards. If you are pro and your opponent is a normal player its not hard to play around, but if you are facing a veteran in a tournament, then you're fucked. lol

Despite many players from the TCG saying how linear Inzektors are, i strongly disgaree and i think they are the most skill based deck lol. Any OCG player will probably tell you the same thing too

Mystical Space Typhoon
Having 3 in the game is a nightmare. I was contemplating for it to go to 1 but i felt that was too much and 2 is the right number to keep the game interesting. It is a very good card in inzektors because it helps you deal with Hornet or Gruffless hand.

Hieratic Seal of Convocation.
Tier 1 rota.

Mirror Force
I could see this card coming to 2. Kyde brought it up once since the game has alot of otk so Konami may bring this back to deal with more otk since Torrential Tribute to 2 didnt help. To top it off, it isnt popular anymore at all.

I dont bother to tamper with this part of the banlist. Im sure konami will release 1 or 2 out of 5 or 6 changes which may have significant changes on the game like maybe malicious, or necro gardna but whatever.

Some other stuffs include:

Why Royal Oppression wont come back
Because I dont think Konami likes a single card that can kill off an entire deck. Sure theres the MST at 3 argument but its Yugioh bro.

cyber stein
This is incredibly personal and i'd like to see how you will survive if you bring out Last Warrior from Another Planet/ Cyber Dragon fusion.

Why i didnt think of hitting REDMD?
Hitting it will kill off Hieratics straight and despite the deck being incredibly OTK-ish its not easy to play either and it require skills much like Inzektors.

The bottom line, the point of making banlist predictions is out of pure amusement and to share thoughts. It doesnt matter what we post because in the end Konami is making the decision, not us, and i am sure Konami wont even read our blogs.

Who cares what comes back, what doesnt come back or how fucked up the game is, because we may rant for a while, but deep down inside we all know that ranting is pointless and the best players are the ones who adapt, and use it to their advantage to continue topping.


GQ said...

inzektors getting hit is very viable, since konami ain't even printing them (n hieratics) in packs anymore. so, it'll be no surprise that the deck will get hit, just pray to god they dont outright kill both of them.

as for HERO, if you want to slow it down, the card u need to hit is not Miracle Fusion, its Airman; because putting Bubbleman at 1 sounds very stupid (although i do see that being a good move)

mike said...

Ya I actually wanted to hit airman but I fear ppl spam me xD then again I feel that if we waste our resources to kill their stuff then they top deck miracle it's damn pain, hence konami shothis kill this sorta stuff like damsel reborn bls cos it's frustrating.

Anyway every generic xyz they continue to print is an inZektor support card lah

avengingknight said...

I hope bf can make a return. its the most fabulous deck that ever existed. if u noticed, during the bf format, more skilled player or reputated players win. but now its like anybody can win.

mike said...

i'd like a balanced inzektor, dino rabbit, bf, and agent angel format. but thats too much to ask for lol

petqwe said...

But for the sad fact that 'Oh this move will kill the deck!' is not a valid reason for not banning or limiting a card or multiple cards. Rescue Rabbit should be undoubtly at 0, not 1, not 2 and definitely not 3. After all, it zips your deck by a further 2, is highly abusable with Leviair (which again should have been at 0) and opens options to hell lots of rank 4 Exceeds.

And Mirror Force should have been at 3, not 1.

K'yde Ren said...

Mirror Force at 3 sounds interesting but that's not happening. It is still a very powerful card. Giving it a chance to go to 2 is already pushing the limits. Unless Inzektors continue to evolve into different variants despite guaranteed to be hit.

Hieratic still works if REDMD goes to one or gets banned. Players just need to start using 3 Atumus and 3 Gaia. The thing is Hieratics and Chaos Dragons aren't as dominant as Inzektors. Konami will definitely use that as an excuse.

mike said...

If that happens yugioh won't be yugioh anymore and then everyone will complain the games too boring since everything is at tier 2 to 3 or above

KKItal said...

Everyone that says DMoC at 1 would be cool never duelled against it! You make +-0 or +1 at his summon (taking back a powerful spell card) AND he is such a strong monster on the field... Here a banned list that was really good deliberated:
New Banned:
Wind-Up Hunter
Future Fusion
Sangan (weakens Rabbit, Inzektor and Tour Guide)
New Limited:
Mystical Space Typhoon (the main problem why so few defensive Traps are played and that's also a reason why Chaos Dragons are so good)
Evolzar Laggia (if Shi En is at 1, why not Laggia? With Evilswarms coming Rabbit would develope into VerzRabbit, the deck survives and with Sangan at 0 it's less stable =))
Witch of the Black Forest (experiment, the only one discussable)
Spore (Plant-Engine maybe some tech? Also not that bad for XYZ-Summons)
New Semi-Limited:
Inzektor Hornet (Sangan at 0 + Hornet at 2, Inzektor less stable)
Reborn Tengu (Was only a problem at 3 with the full Plant-Engine + Trishula)
T.G. Striker (Little push for Agents, great push for T.G.s)

We should step away to destroy decks with banlist and start to balance them out. I think everyone would like to see Plant-Synchro, Angels and T.G.s topping again!

Best Regards

mike said...

Dude I've played every combo deck like diamond dude turbo, dimension fusion Ftk with dark magician so I think I know how broke it was >.>

Just saying no deck can use it well now

I totally agree about not killing decks off but balancing them =)

And no witch of the black forest should never come back. No one should ever search out dark armed.

KKItal said...

"No one should ever search out dark armed."

Umm... Chaos Dragons??? It's even a more comfortable way, because you don't have to waist the normal summon and it doesn't require an attack / opponents action, LOL!

In Tour-Guide-Times Sangan >>>> Witch

mike said...

Zzz you do realize only chaos dragons can do that and having more ways to search it out is nuts. I definitely don't want dark armed searchable in inZektor but at least with witch they can't search out damsel anymore. Searching dark armed via wyvern is viable in tcg sorry in ocg we hardly do that because dark monsters are scarce.

Umm anyway I'll just let konami surprise us. No point speculating here and there and it's only for fun and tradition as Lgq said.