Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rabbit Hanzo

Something i was testing at GA just now.

Its very consistent and even though i opened with 2 Kabazauls, or 3 Duality, 2 Hanzo, i still managed to survive but if i draw it together with crap like Lance i think i will die flat out because its not TCG where you can grind game out because theres Inzektors everywhere.

After playing competitive Yugioh, i think i can safely say i feel damn lazy to blog about YGO and such apart from tourney reports or short posts on other stuff. I think many other competitive players feel the same too except LGQ and Kyde. LOL.

Why Safe Zone? Cos Michel Gruner says its good.

Post end.


GQ said...

u do know the macro vs super-transformation ruling right? other than that, quite standard i guess, btw, wheres the TGUs?

mike said...

yeah i do. but they dont always go off at the same time so yeah. and was playing for fun only.

ocg build dude no tgu unless you'd like to sponsor me some from alan looi.

mike said...

and alot of noob dunno so can just trick them

K'yde Ren said...

Mike if we do meet in tourneys and you pull the first turn Raggia set 5 back-rows bullshit on me do expect to see some table flipping over. lol

mike said...

ok la i set 4 backrow only :)