Monday, March 5, 2012


Another weird card which may work against hieroglyph since tragodia and battle fader in game 2 or 3 dies when they side board km drago

Unlike scarecrow which can only be used when sustaining direct damage , which means all your opponents monster has destroyed yours and you have taken a lot of damage already, waboku protects your monsters and prevent damage

The downside ? If opponent randomly shiyu it you can chain it but then opponent won't commit to make huge field. However after that they will just xyz photon streak bouncer instead of atmus and try to control from there. Which means Insector bombing can only occur successfully when you have another call of haunted or reborn or thunder break.

But with scarecrow you can do Insector spam next turn. So both cards have their upsides and their downsides. Which is better ? Your call.


GQ said...

why waboku instead of threatening road?

If you ran into random GBs, this might be why you lost.

mike said...

Good point d forgot bout that card edi

mike said...

Actually not much difference since it was meant to be a sideboard card and I don't think anyone will side it in against gbs

Bahamut84 said...

Dont side and be a man!

mike said...

Kiasu to the max !

Kyde said...

Be like a player i knew, side in game 1!