Friday, March 2, 2012

Hieroglyph Sideboard Option

OK this post is NOT a troll.

What are you gonna do when you Hieroglyph mirror match?

Besides siding in 2x Trago, 3x Maxx C, and 3x KM Drago?

As you know, once you commit, and if you dont manage to OTK (thats why Tragoedia is SO important) then you are gonna die to opponents dragon spam next turn.

Lets side in Super Poly.

Opponent spam field of 4, and you Super Poly into FGD

Instant mindfuck.

Kudos to Kyde for figuring out this crazy card.

It requires timing and its not a crazy effective card which noobs can just simply throw in and it will work wonders for them.

Playing in Toysbar now, and LGQ's tech of Galaxy Eyes in Hieros is really good. Free beatstick with Atums. Even if your opponent Hieroglyph you next turn, you will always have a 3k beatstick.

In depth playtesting against LGQ's hieros helped me prepare for Asia :)


Bahamut84 said...

No one is gonna spam 4, and at least one of them is gonna be Shuu which means there will be random backrow destruction.

mike said...


there are people who spam 4!

Kyde said...

Its meant to be a field clearer when you survive an OTK during mirror match. Malaysia doesn't have Super Dreadnought Express Cannon Gustaph Max so no free 2k burn and 3k beat-stick. Though the deck still needs to be mod to be able to handle mirror match without siding. :)

Anonymous said...

electric virus is better IMO. you either get the strongest dragon on your opponent's field or maybe gustaph max for the trolls.:))

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Sebastian being badly trolled by Empty Jar? That "Empty Jar" guy used Super Poly on Seba's Heros for a Shining

mike said...

Nope , which Sebastian ?