Sunday, March 11, 2012

Asia decklist completed!

Fuck that i'm ready!


GQ said...

good for you, I still have no clue what deck I'm gonna bring.

Justin Sung said...

Great, hope to see you there in action :)

EdseL said...

Good luck!
When's your qualifiers?

mike said...

@gq play safe and play hieroglyph
@ Justin- thanks
@ Edsel- thanks. This Saturday ! :o

Lcs2800 said...

You're gonna play with inzekter right?
I have a doubt:

-Damsel equips hornet, giga-mantis equips itself.
-Hornet destroys mantis
-2 equips on damsel being sent 1 grave(1 as cost and 1 on the resolution), mantis being destroyed
-Damsel brings 2 monsters special + mantis special summon 1 inzekter for grave right?

Does any of those effects miss timming?

mike said...

they dont miss timing