Saturday, February 11, 2012


finally with laptop and internet!

went to GA yesterday and test played and observed locals. good friend cookie quitted. so long joshua, i havent had my last duel with you yet!

bandwagoning to insecters next march!


must stay competitive and if hornet or dragonfly gets touched within the next banlist, the deck will become slightly more skill based.

more updates soon!


LFN said...

noo the bandwagon

GQ said...

so finally you got a laptop eh

yamispade said...

I have to say i dont blame you i mean what is popular will always be bandwagon but if Konami touches a set of monsters that makes their own current set sell then they hurt the very logic theyve used since forever.

mike said...

@ lfn- its inevitable. march banlist forced me :(((

@ GQ- yep yep come SG wang soon.

@ yamispade- yes. sadly. and the new banlist makes me have no choice