Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ban List Speculation




Tour Guide
Magician Of Faith
Insector Hornet
Insector Damsel
Rescue Rabbit
Royal Oppression
Wind Up Zenmighty
Goyo Guardian

Semi Limit:

Holy Shine Ball
BF Gale

So explanation:

No Bls banned. So i've one question to ask... How many times have you lost because of BLS? It just has not been so bad this format. Definitely more destructive than a Scrap Dragon, but not as bad as a Trishula

Tour Guide- obvious much. But this is not gonna happen.

Magician Of Faith- Time you came back. She's not splashable anymore and shes too slow. The only decks i see her being put in is Hero Beat and Chaos and maybe some may try to throw in Plants, which the latter i highly doubt. Konami always tries to return one banned card back, Tsukuyomi is still too damn strong.

Insector Hornet- Death to Insectors

Insector Damsel- Death to Insectors. I would actually prefer to hit Damsel over Hornet.

Because in Game 1 you will still die to Insector loop as long as they successfully get Hornet in grave. At least when Damsel is limited you wont die to too many xyzs. Hornet + centipede still netts advantage but then its not as bad as having your whole field cleared out and then facing a full brunt of xyzs. You may lose a card and opponent can search Damsel to hand but at least next turn you still have resources to make a comeback and prevent Damsel.

At least with Damsel limited, it doesnt mean that the card is dead. Insectors still run 2x Call of Haunted and some have resorted to Limit Reverse. This makes it harder for them to simply spam Damsel so it encourages a little more skilled play.

I am ready to be flamed.

Rescue Rabbit- Rabbit is strong.

Royal Oppression- This seriously needs to come back. Hong has said there would be games won just from backing up a beatstick with Oppression. I disagree because that situation is not impossible to get out of. Its still good and it should come back. Not like Insectors care about Oppression anyway :)

Wind Up Zenmighty- Eat my hand nom nom nom nom. Now TCG gets Wind Up shark?!

Armor Ninja Bladeheart- Airman + Reborn = 8800 damage

Goyo Guardian- Give BF some love. we need our trusty Goyo back!

Semi Limit:

Holy Shine Ball- Kill off Gachi Gachi. If Agents want to consistently dish out Gachis, they will have to resort to using TG Striker.

Hyperion- So strong bro.

Grapha- Strong!

BF Gale- Give Bf some love back. I prefer this then Kalut because being Honest from the hand is really irritating. BF Gale gives BF back some speed and some synergy in the deck. Its better than giving Kalut because Kalut just makes the deck more control based whereas Gale forces them to commit more to the field.

Lazy to think of cards that are released back to 3. Maybe Destiny Draw...


Bahamut84 said...

"How many times have you lost because of BLS?"

plenty of times

"If Agents want to consistently dish out Gachis, they will have to resort to using TG Striker."

They already are doing that.

mike said...

@ Baha- But its impact is still not that big! im sure there are plenty of times where we lose to cards like Reborn, Torrential too.

Yeah. But if Balls were to be limited, most angels would convert to TGAA provided people wanna continue playing it. ATM, they have pure agents and insect agents still.

At least now they use the TG striker for Gantetsu instead of using it to stall/synchro and stuff

Anonymous said...

pretty dumb list, I would quit if Konami followed this

mike said...

please justify why :) it is slightly similar to quite a few lists around, and i didnt see you flaming all the rest.

I respect your opinions on my list because everyone is entitled to have them. But its rude. Constructive criticisms should not be rude.

The least you can do is justify why.

MaJu V said...

I agree with Baha, plenty of times having lost (or won) due to BLS. It should be banned (I'm using it and I know it).

And seriously... Shine balls? A Lv 2 vanilla? As if Konami's ever going to limit vanilla's?
If you want to limit the possibilities to turn into gachi, limit Venus or Earth.

The rest are good choices.

Anonymous said...

This is coming from the guy who decides that BLS-EoTB shouldn't be banned because.... wait, you didn't post a reason, you just posted a question.

Also, Inzektor Dragonfly isn't on your limited list.

Some hits are obvious, which is Tour Guide from the Underworld, Rescue Rabbit, and Magician of Faith. I'm not going to go into that at all.

Lets see, umm, hitting Mystical Shine Ball does nothing since it still makes the Agent of Creation - Venus, still good. As as Bahamut84 pointed out, people use T.G. Striker if needed for Gachi Gachi Gantetsu (and Daigusto Phoenix for Asian duelists).

Royal Oppression is a better Maxx "C" because unless your opponent chains their Mystical Space Typhoon to its activation, it makes you advantage since you can negate the special summon of one monster then have your opponent waste a card to get rid of it. It forces your opponent to waste two cards to get rid of one card.

At least with Maxx "C", it can't be chained to inherent special summons and only nets you one card to make up for the minus unless your opponent is stupid, lucky, or can loop you to the point that you draw your deck out.

Grapha going to two does nothing since it can be searched, drawn into, etc.. Goyo Guardian is one of the synchros that I consider broken and unhealthy. A 2800 Monster Reborn shouldn't have been created...

Master Hyperion going to two does nothing really if Venus is unlimited.

Gale shouldn't be at two because it makes a lot of cards not viable unless they have over 2650 attack.

And your opponent can still net a card with Wind-Up Zenmighty.

And I haven't seen the other lists lol and I only seen this because my friend emailed this to me.

bannified said...

Good list. What's missing though is really BLS banned. It's really not healthy for the game. Chaos Sorcerer at 3 is more than enough imo. Gale at 2 can be quite a threat, but I don't think it'll make much of a difference so I'm okay with that.

Also, MST should be limited, since semi won't make much difference because most people use 2 (for decks that need it, anyway).

I'm sure everyone's "ideal list" looks different. But this looked well balanced, and if this list were to come out, I would have no complains at all.

Bahamut84 said...

The only agent build people should be playing now should be TG Agents anyway.

It has the burst needed to swarm and otk inzectors.

EdseL said...

I can think of 1 reason why you dont want BLS banned again >:))

Ryu Kuze said...

I'm pretty sure something will get banned in the upcoming list. Anyway, besides that point, a few comments:

Insector Damsel would most likely get nailed instead of Insector Hornet. Even then, once people realize that all they have to do is remove Damsel, and have it accessible via Leviair, they can just spam that thing with no remorse.

In my opinion, if Holy Shine Ball were to get semi-limited, I wouldn't play around with The Agent of Creation - Venus anymore, because once you dead draw into the Holy Shine Ball, there's not much you can do with The Agent of Creation - Venus.

With Goyo Guardian, I can see it coming back to 1, but the problem would be that it'll give more outs to players for Xyz materials, and it gives a better access to Xyzs.

mike said...

@ Maju V- its a radical choice i know its hard to accept. But it could hurt. Venus would outright kill the deck if it gets BTH-ed. So i thought of hitting balls.

BLS is simply because it hadn't made a big enough impact enough in the format. this is completely personal and can be debated with so im gonna leave this issue apart from now on. I also see eye to eye with the people who think it should be banned. But im 60-40 on the topic with 60% opposing the motion.

@bannified- thanks man!

@ ryu kuze- im not sure what will get banned but im thinking everything so far is kinda balanced so yeah.

Thats why i want Shine Balls hit. Maybe there are some reasons to why Goyo Guardian should not come back but i think adding it back would not cause THAT much difference to the game.

@ edsel- you know me too well ;)

@ baha- notice the word "should". sadly its not the case :(

mike said...

@ lost blue breaker- then go see the other lists!

that question was intended to give the explanation. my reason is that it had not made too much impact on the game. It serves as a game equaliser only. Heck, Trishula does the same thing and does even more damage but no one is complaining about it.

Thats exactly what i wanted to do with shine balls. if they drew shine balls in their hand, this will cause them to use it up.

at the same time, this will make venuses slightly more dead. and it forces them to use up tg striker which could have been used as a floater or a tuner later in the game. killing one option from tg agents: not good enough for you?

leaving venus and earth at 3 each gives hyperion fodder too so i dont kill the deck outright.

and the same goes for hyperion. if i had touched venus and hyperion to 1 each, i would have severely killed the deck. 2 is just the right number.

about royal oppression, im not gonna go into that much. it should not have gone and ryko insector dragonfly heavy storm mst solemn judgment is there for you.

Having it around is better than getting your hand raped by Wind Ups, true?

Then sorry bout dragonfly. i must have missed him out. he is stll in the explanations anyway.

Gale is at 2 to give BF some boost back. Besides who cares about a one card Shrink? This format is a power format and it is very obvious. If i summon Gale, you dont think i will get eaten by Hyperion Hornet Grapha or get negated by Ragia? I may have nett a plus one, but whose not to say i will get run over next turn, or even this turn by other trap cards or stuff by Tragoedia/gorz ? Gale at 2 would have hurt last time but its fine now.

Grapha to 2 is so you dont outright kill the deck, besides DW has so few monsters and is so small compared to other tier 1 powerhouses. dropping grapha to 1 will kill the deck. Killing 2 more off their monsters is just damn mean.

zenmighty at one stops the deck from doing the loop. as long as we dont remain handless, we're fine. who cares if it netts them a plus one. If that was the case, there are so many other cards which should be discussed. if not for zenmightys loop, windup would not even be played at all.

so bottom line, the banlist's intention is not to kill off decks but to render them equal to provide a more fair and healthy environment. hence this is why i made these choices.


Fugglor said...

@Lost Blue Breaker - Inzecter Dragonfly was on the list... Inzecter Damsel? >> OCG name on an OCG blog dude

Clover said...

Tour guide - konami doesn't care about TCG players
Magician of Faith - This might have a high chance, In fact, I have been waiting for it to come back since 2 years ago. Lol.
Hornet - Normal
Damsel - Normal
Rabbit - Rabbit is not strong, Xyz are...
Royal Oppression - Konami doesn't like "1 card destroy whole deck" theories
Zenmaighty - The loop still can be continued, and if u use TCG, tour guide - tour bus, Zenmaighty send tour guide for hunter, tour bus sends back Zenmaighty
Goyo guardian - Remember the days where brionac, Trishula, hyperion gets stolen. 2800 is also too big for a level 6, and look at those cards that controls opponent monster without a huge cost, they are all banned

Armor Ninja Blade Heart - It's not on the list, and if tats so, it's bubbleman's fault

Shine ball - Thanks for helping them removing 1 yellow skin, they can now put extra agents, please think back why agents are so successful - problem not solved
Hyperion - When people get otk-ed only 1 hyperion is needed. If by reducing one means reducing their draw rate, they had 3 pot and 3 cards from the sky, tat was their original job.
Grapha - Grapha talks alot (in TCG) but only wins like once per 2 months, give some chance pls... Lol
Bf Gale - Konami have given enough love by letting BFs survived till last year's march. And what you are setting free is not just any random bird from the cage, it's one of the strongest and splashable tuner. No deck had survived AND is as consistent as it is during it's era, or even comparing with the decks that are available now.

BLS - I'm sure alot of people died to it plenty of times. For the reasons that you replied to Baha, they are invalid.

1st - Reborn alone does not kill anyone, it is the monster that you reborn that are powerful enough to burst into combos or things like that. Look at the difference between reborn-ing a Sabersaurus, or a no material laggia in a rabbit deck Vs reborn-ing a BLS, Hyperion, Damsel etc, the problem lies in monster effects, true story.

2nd - Torrential doesn't win you any games, it is a punishment for people who flood randomly. I'm sure there are also times where your opponent flooded like crazy and then during your turn, you drew a torrential right? So now this kind of situation, show me how do you win with it. No torrential, what state will the game be now? Look at the time without storm, people are skillessly setting their whole hand. Without torrential, people will flood with monsters like crazy.

Insect agents sac earth too for your info. And with earth in grave you will know what comes next.

GQ said...

sorry mike, as much as I agree with most of the list, I think your reasoning is off.

BLS is the single most broken card this format, you see a light and dark in the grave of a random deck, you begin prepare a counter for him, thats enough proof of how stupidly broken he is.

That said, I don't think Konami would re-ban him, just yet

mike said...

@ clover- lazy argue. you win you win. =D

Anonymous said...

wind-ups dosn't have a chance to die right now because they are not tier 1, in this moment the problem are inzektor, agents and rabbits, wind-up need a chance at least 6 months to shine in the card game and everybody know konami love wind-up's lol

petqwe said...

Good day sir.

1. How many times have you lost because of BLS? No, none at all, because I do not play yugioh. I do not play yugioh because BLS is in the game. I believe it is completely unacceptable that opponent has a light and dark in grave, and all things you build up will suddenly be in vain. And whether Trishula is broken or not is not going to affect whether BLS should be banned.

2. Royal Oppression cannot come back. At the start of format I though oh shit, Oppression banned? Special summon spam! But then let us recall the brokeness of Tele-DAD format. One player came with the absurd idea of running Oppression, and at that day he was raping nearly ALL other players. Let us recall the days when Arcanite Beatdown was dominating. You summon Rescue Cat into Natural Beast set Oppression end turn. No, Oppression is meant to stop special summons, but unfortunately we are all too clever to abuse Oppression, making it appear in a deck that does hell lots of specials. Just let it remain banned to save the world.

3. Goyo Guardian shall not be unbanned. With regard to its ridiculously high attack, this is a permanent Brain Control. Even with no opposing monster, it allows player to end with a VERY big monster that punishes conservative play.

4. Agents are good because it makes easy Trishula and Gachi. Even if Venus is banned, somehow later when new cards are released, people will find ways to abuse Gachi. Ban Gachi, do test and tell me whether you can beat Agents if your opponent is not allowed to summon Trishula and Gachi.

avengingknight said...

i really want goyo and oppression back though~

Lcs2800 said...

Is easier to konami ban hunter to stop a crazy loop and maintain all the suports for a competitive deck.

I know they are diferente, bur with royal prison at 3, why they would return oppression?

after the holy carved dragons announcement, is better get used that all decks will have his own DAD at 3... no grapha/hyperion limitation ^^"

Anonymous said...

i dun think konami will banned TCG cards as they only focus on OCG