Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thoughts on Banlist

The banlist is supposed to be utilised to help the players by banning overpowered cards and nerfing overpowered decks so that other decks stand a fighting chance.

But this list shows Konami's selfish actions in the sense that the entire list was designed to maximise profit by cutting off synchros, and banning Plants altogether, arguably the most skilled based deck in the game. This also means that they are cutting off all good non-themed based decks, because all they want to do is create an environment filled with theme decks, except Rabbit but then there's no way they are gonna touch that when they are encouraging xyz.

Tour Guide is 100x better than Tengu, but Tour Guide wasn't hit because it encouraged xyz and Tengu was synchro-based.

I personally dislike what Konami is doing. Its actions were bad already throughout the whole of last year, but this time, it became much worse, and its basically telling the player base "i dont give a fuck, if you want to continue playing, just accept it"

People are saying, just move on, and just accept it. Hell yeah I have, but it still does mean that you cannot express that the list is a bad list. Like everyone else, we must take advantage of the stupid broken list :D

Bringing Torrential to 2 was also one of the weirdest and dumbest things to do. Torrential at 2 could replace Dark Hole's slot because Torrential > Dark Hole.

But Konami did not just kill off Insectors, their favorite deck, because they gave them a 3rd call of Haunted. I'm like seriously wtf with 3 calls and 1 reborn, we can play blindly and not even care about Warning. The only painful thing now would be Veiler of course. But then after they Veiler you and kill your Damsel, you can just flip COTH to bring it back.

This has to be one of the messiest lists ever.

Konami's actions with this list, and printing of Alexandrite Dragon in the new Starter deck 2012 (which led to people speculating if Tengu would be included in it) has shown that we can no longer predict Konami's actions, and they are officially turning Yugioh into a mass profit scheme, and that they are no longer afraid to show it either.

Of course the new SD is quite decent as 2 of the new string djinn xyzs are decent.

End of story, everybody let's bandwagon to Insectors.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree, even though Konami's past actions have been clearly about money, this just takes the cake. It seems like they are continually pushing the envelope to see how far they can go and see if the players will STILL stick around. The sad thing is, most players will, so what reason does Konami have in doing anything different?

mike said...

Yeah, we are just too attached to this game.

also im not leaving, until i play in Asia and Worlds Qualifier this year.

Sean said...

I like your spirit mike! :)

The_Magus_Killer said...

After reading your blog post, I've decided: I'm going to soup up my Karakuri deck and beat the everloving shit out of the Inzecters - just to make the statement that, "we can and we will fight back"

Wish me luck on my attempt. XD

mike said...

@ sean- thanks seany its called swaggg

@ magus- good luck with that. its still playable without glow up bulb.