Sunday, February 26, 2012

Found a great tech in dark world.

May post it after some testing is done with it.

The best thing ? It's legal in Asia format.

Anyhow today's post is regarding Malaysia's Asia tourney.

The only way you can join it is to buy a box of gaov for Two hundred bucks in order to obtain a form. I feel it is an unfair ruling because it forces a player to spend for an event which should have been and has always been free since forever ?

I asked Baha and he has told me that the policy isn't implemented in Singapore. However I heard that the policy is implemented in hong kong head of Asia's Konami yugioh.

However in hk the grade A players (Asia players will understand the grade system) do get free forms however hen my friends asked Paul, head of Malaysia, he said you will still need to get a box.

So will that affect the distribution of players of this year's Asia tourney ?

I doubt it. Because players everywhere still wanna buy the box to get the new dragons. Those who want the new dragons will be getting them for free basically.

I have heard the reasons to why Paul is doing this but I'm not disclosing it because of sensitive issues. It has helped me understand the reason but I feel that as a trusted distributor, he should not be doing it still. But I'm not gonna rant about this. When life throws shit at you, you just gotta avoid it and find a way out.

I'm getting my form free which i cant disclose the reason too so I'm not complaining.

Ps: photon streak bouncer is a bitch.


GQ said...

200 bucks for an entry form + a tier 1 deck isn't that bad of a deal XD

mike said...

But when your like me and you don't have interest and then it's bad.. Problem is you could pull some really crap supers like you did in yours ! :(