Monday, February 27, 2012

Card Card D

Open turn 1:

Play Duality,

summon Card Car D.

You have scryed your deck of 5 cards. Great.

With CDD, you can now defy the rules of Yugioh and open with 7 card resources (not 8 because we assume CDD is destroyed next turn) and have 8 in the 2nd turn.

CDD is a great card to get when you are topdecking during mid or late game.

Its also great to help you get your hand traps of Veiler and Max C in early game.

Then again you think, oh dang i just wasted one turn in exchange for Pot of Greed effect, then suddenly you realise your opponent will probably do it too, so that means you are both equal. Assuming you started first and CDD, and your opponent following suit, you will be the one picking off momentum first next turn.

The release of CDD totally changes the way Yugioh may be played because nobody wants to let their opponent gain a plus one, and let them get away with it only for some damage.

There was a time way way back when everybody was forced to run Cyber Dragon, Sangan and DD Warrior Lady because they were TOO good. Lately with all the broken individual theme support, we realise that those cards are way too slow. Has Konami finally released something generic which will be taken advantage of by ALL decks?

Back when i was in primary school (elementary school), there were people playing with fake Yugioh cards. One particular card was a broken card whereby it let you pay 1000 points to draw an extra card.

Theoretically in Yugioh, 1 card is worth 1000 life points. Hell i would be glad to give abit more than that just to play Pot of Greed.

Its generally on par with Pot of Duality because you get an extra card in exchange of a normal summon and a set up. However if you ask me, POD is still better because you get to see 3 cards instead of an extra 2.

Good players way back will tell you they rather open with Graceful Charity (and Sinister Serpent) compared to Pot of Greed, so the same mentality applies here.

THAT'S all for today.

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