Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 5 Duelist Accessories YOU Should Have!

So today we gonna have a casual post. This article is meant for the OCG players as most players in the TCG probably have more access to these accesories already.

First of all a good pair of sleeves!
Ultra Pro (scratchy back ) sleeves

Player's Choice sleeves. Incredibly smooth, gives you the chance to make the nice shuffling sounds.

You will need a good pair of sleeves for shuffling convenience. Although in official sanctioned events, you can only use Konami sleeves. its always good to use other types in casual play. Then during events, your Konami sleeves (or its double layer) wont be worn out and no one can accuse you of marked sleeves.

I suggest everyone to at least try these TCG branded sleeves at least once in their dueling lifetime.

Next is this sexy sexy sexy deckbox. Amir showed the pic to me a while ago. Its nice, stylish, compact and it carries 2 decks! If you have a chance to get one, get one now!
Next up, is a nice playmat tube to keep your playmats safe! so, they dont get worn out or torn easily.

Next you will need a rare sexy mat to use so that you can be the envy of your friends :D

Using expensive stuff is cool, no?

Nah just kidding. Any mat is fine. You will need it to keep your cards off oily and greasy tables.
Last but not least, a "New Victory" Professional Card Album!

Dont get the Ultra Pro ones as the quality aint as good at the one above. These have protected covers unlike Ultra Pro ones. These have very tight , clear, and compact sleeves which are better for your cards.

Furthermore, the one above has more sleeve pages so that you can fit more cards.

Lil bit expensive? The investment is worth it =)

OK thats all for today, going out now!


Anonymous said...

the Magic deckboxes with magnets are really good.

Kevin said...

This sounds more like a Christmas Wish List.

But great article!

- Licence To Duel

Terry Tan said...

hi Mike have you seen the new ultra pro ones TCG are all over monster Binders and ultra pro have a new binder which kinda mimics that should give it a try.

Emo situation = Deck divider needed

Anonymous said...

good article didn't know japan had players choice
i use players choice everytime i love that brand

mike said...

@ kamitsure- never seen any. any link?

@ kevin- my xmas wishlist is raioh/ gorz in gold series but it has not been granted. i must have been a bad boy this year.

@ Terry- nope never seen any :( i dont like binders/boxes/sleeves with pictures of anime or stuff on em. takes away all the class in a deckbox.

@ anon- thanks.