Saturday, December 24, 2011

Secret Wish This Christmas + Tour Bus!!!!

For Gorz/ Raioh to be in the next Gold Series!

Seriously its about time Gorz/Raioh become legal for Asia format!

Santa please grant! ^

Thats all for today, merry christmas everybody.

edit: Tour Bus' effect has been confirmed! I just woke up to see it on Shriek TCG
When this card is sent to the graveyard, target 1 monster in either player's graveyard except Tour Bus and shuffle it back to the deck.

So ummm, quickly out of my head, let's do a short discussion!

Its a decent card. I'm not sure if it gets its effect when its detached as an xyz material or not, but i think it should, i mean it is supposed to work together with Tour Guide, the ultimate xyz bitch.

Assuming that it does get its effect ... here goes!

I think Plants will find room for 1 or 2. Definitely not 3. I would, main 1 only if i were to play Plants. Seriously, once you have seen TCG Plants, no heart to play OCG Doppel anymore :(

So, what you can do, is return your opponent's cards back to his deck. This means you can mess with Insecter Hornet, and mess with opposing Plant player's graveyard like their Spore, Glow Up etc.

It is a pseudo Transmigration Prophecy. Transmigration Prophecy has always been a decent card but it wasnt very splashable. Now that a monster version exists which coincide with TGU, then its good.

You can also return your own monsters back to the deck! For example, you can recycle your Tengu again, or return Sangan back to your deck, or TGU again. TGU engine is quite broke if you ask me now.

But! its not dead if you draw it in your hand! You can still use it for a discard cost for One for One or use it to fuel Tragodia's effect.

Plus, if your running Dark World with 3x Tour Guides, Tour Bus is not dead since you can use its effect with the DW stuff.

Who cares about drawing multiple TGU now that you have this card to make up for it? i can draw 3x TGU and be happy that i can pull off Sangan multiple times with it.

The bottom line is TGU is a broke engine, and Tour Bus makes it even better and efficient. I would still run 1 or 2 in plants only.

PS: i just saw the article by Kevin Tewart about tour bus. very creative but very gay


Anonymous said...

yeah tcs the best we had great skillfull formats like dark armed return and gladiators and the best tele dad but then we had crap like frog ftk
tourbus sucks imo well decent space is tight though we'll see how deckbuilders fit this card into decks

Anonymous said...

Yes, It even helps with the Wind-Up Hand Destruction.dek. It allows the deck to have that 1 more extra discard.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have the most recent Quickdraw Doppel deck list that win a tourney?

Really can't make a good Quickdraw deck on my own

mike said...