Friday, December 30, 2011

Verz Mandrago

New tech card in OCG Plants.


It is a plant : spore fodder, random black rose effect cost fodder.

Level 4 : nice to special summon librarian, nifty for Trishula fodder with Junk Synchron. level 4 is nice for Lavalval Chain, which i am trying to build a deck around now.

Dark : Chaos fodder, Allure fodder.

1550 attack : Baits Bottomless Trap Hole, and has an easy to fullfill special summon cost.

Play it now!


Cameron said...

Very good/interesting card, like you said the level and type is really the best thing about this card, open up more options!

U said...

I'm glad this isn't in the tcg yet, this would be insane. With all the exclusives we keep getting, plants would keep getting better and better and closer to tier 0. I wish our meta was more like the ocg.. but one can only wish.