Monday, November 7, 2011

D Box Update


1x scr Hope (wtf totally waste of promo space)

1x Wind Up Disguised Zenmaio

Rank 5 (2x level 5 monster)
atk: 2500 def:1900
Effect: Once per turn, detach 1 xyz monster and destroy one set card on the field.

1x M X Saber Invoker
Rank 3
atk: 1900 def: 500
2x Level 3 monster
Effect: Once per turn, detach 1 xyz monster, and ss 1 level 4 Earth warrior or beast warrior monster from your deck in face up defence mode. The ss-ed monster is destroyed at the end phase

Invoker is kinda balanced at first look, but it sets up Gottom Emergency Call really fast which is a good thing. Which means fast Trishula.

Personal comment of overall product:

Wasted promo space of Hope.
So red. Looks bad. My eye pain.

Total disappointment. Fail Product.


LGQ said...

Nice Sleeve, nice mat and some cards, i think this is totally better than the boxes we had in the 5Ds era.

although red really does look bad.

Only thing I'm complaining is the price tag, 300 per box over here.

silverfang612 said...

Well the fact that we now know(or am i late to the party?) that x-sabers get continued support, whic in itself isnt bad.

mike said...

@ silverfang- yeah ur late

@ LGQ- ang ang bo hai lang ~~~~

Shizuka Magnifico said...

Hmm.. Summon Invoker, search darksoul, darksoul dies, get a search

Gottom's for Emmersblade and Fulhelmknight, Summon Faultroll, overlay for Invoker, detach Fulhelm search for Darksoul, revive Fulhelm with faultroll, summon Barkion/Brionac.

I see potential.

Anon said...

M.X- saber Invoker

Rank 3 1900/500

2 Level 3 Monster

Once per turn, you can detach 1 Exceed Material from this card, special summon 1 Level 4 EARTH Warrior or Beast-Warrior Type monster (from your deck) in face up Defense Position to your side of the field. Destroy that monster during the End Phase.

@Shizuka: Sorry, Invoker doesn't work like you said. Darksoul ain't Level 4.