Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Got Back

Exams just finished yesterday and i didnt come back home. Today when i got back i got this in the mailbox, from the Phillipines.

What is Philippines famous for? Asia Card gold mine.

What is inside? Secret! Teehee.

Also, when i checked Facebook, there was alot of shit in it about Tour Bus from Underworld.

From Jeff Jones and Jarel Winston's statuses, here were some rumored effects:

When this card is used as an xyz material, add Tour Guide from the Underworld to your hand.


Tour Bus from the Underworld
Level 3
Fiend DARK
1000 ATK 600 DEF
When this card is Special Summoned, it's effect cannot be negated. When this card is summoned, add one Level 3 Fiend Monster from your deck to your hand, except for "Tour Bus from the Underworld". If this card is in your hand, you may return it to your deck to add one "Tour Guide from the Underworld" to your hand. When this card is destroyed in battle, return it to your deck, and add one "Tour Guide from the Underworld" to your hand.

Second effect is broke too. Tour Guide into Bus exceed no.17, and search Tour Guide 2 from deck to go into Sangan. Fuck.

I assume all those effects are troll ones. lol. Cant believe Konami would go as far as to print another broken card from the Underworld Tour series. Crazy stuff.

My speculation on the point is that it probably has nothing to do with Tour Guide, but, it will have some other special summoning effect. Well, i hope so, or else another stupid card.


ZXtheD999 said...

Tour Bus? The hell is that? Time to go research...

Heavy shit eater said...

that card is freaking broken. i hope konami wont be so stupid to print such piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that you summon Tour Bus and search a lvl 3 fiend to your hand (Tour Guide).

Anonymous said...

so u got ur asia ver bls :D

Anonymous said...

Asia Card gold mine?
probably from Edsel Gozon right?

a few AE blacklusters I suppose?

mike said...

to the second last anon: yes you are sherlock holmes :D

to the last anon: yes from him. only 1 BLS. Couldnt find any multiples.

Anonymous said...

my guess for anon 1 is wrong.
it is,
return this card, search for tour guide.
tour guide summon search for this
this 1 effect search for guide.