Saturday, September 17, 2011

KL Zexal Ranking Tourney Results

1st place- Sean- Chaos BF
2nd place- Zack Teoh - Junk Doppel
3rd place- Junk Doppel
4th place- Dark World

No. of Participants- 16

Sold my BLS to Sean for a "friend" price, so he decided to play Chaos BF in locals in KL yesterday.

Chaos BF actually is really good. Just throw 3x Raioh into the deck and you can play BLS

Obviously Raioh is a good meta call because its the best card to go against Angels, and Junk Doppel.

Also, 3 Raioh is enough for BLS because in BF, you can make Magical Android and no39 Utopia easily anyway, so yeah lol.

No decklist today because he doesnt want to reveal it. Note that there is still 3 Duality.

Got myself 2 Maxx Cs, Gonna work on this format's sidedeck now :)


Anonymous said...

Raioh in a ranking tournament?
Raioh's legal there? :o

LGQ said...

need to head to GA next week, haven't play against Sean in a long time.:)

mike said...

anon- yeah. only konami sanctioned events like worlds qualifiers or asians do not let us play promos.

lgq- go go.