Thursday, September 15, 2011

While testing Junk Doppel

When i found time to playtest.... i found out that:

Divine Wrath is strong! And a good sidedeck option. From Baha's SS decklists, i noticed that the Junk Doppel players all sided at least one copy of Wrath. This is probably due to Herald of Orange Light or something, and because it is spell speed 3. Very useful. Maindecking is probably not a good idea though.

Enemy Controller in the maindeck is also good! :)

In Junk Doppel, it really reminds me of Brain Control, an incredibly broken card. The best thing is that its chainable and i like it best when my opponent Herald Orange my monster, i sac mine for theirs and still can do something for the turn :) Its quite versatile this format.

Been testing Dualities too. A lil wtf i know but the consistency boost is good, since im not running the Twilight-ish variant with Tragodias, and 2 Sorcerors.

Its just that i fear opening with Call of Haunted, 2x Sorceror and a bunch of other dead stuff in hand which have no synergy with each other. However, i will try testing them soon despite not being too appealing to me.

Junk Doppel has been amazing with Drill Warrior around, i feel like Avarice was not even touched on the list at all lol.

Thats all for today, thank you for reading

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